Anal Sex Toys

As anal sex play has become more acceptable in modern times so the range of sex toys for anal stimulation has expanded. In addition some sex toys that are not primarily designed to be used anally can be and visa versa. The range of purpose designed sex toys is very wide and range from dildos, through butt plugs to beads.

Most anal toys can be used equally by both men and women. Exceptions include a few sex toys for women designed to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris/vagina and anus and men's prostate stimulating toys.

Anal Stimulation

There are four main ways to stimulate the anus. Stroking around the entrance; passing a toy through the anus that dilates it (beads, dildos and plugs); penetration through the anus into the rectum (dildos and plugs) and using vibrations (vibrating dildos, plugs and bullets). There are anal toys for each of these.

Anal Dildos

Many dildos that are usually bought for vaginal use can be used anally. These include vibrators and none vibrating dildos. Rabbit style vibrators are not so suitable for obvious reasons.

For most people it is more pleasurable to use a smaller dildo than normally used vaginally. As the anus becomes accustomed to the dilation caused by the insertion of a sex toy, a larger one may be used.

Similar to the g-spot dildo/vibrator, there is also the male equivalent which has a bend to help stimulate the prostate gland which many men enjoy.

Butt Plugs

Butt plugs or anal plugs are really a modified form of dildo. Generally shorter than a normal dildo, they tend to have a shape that helps the opening of the anus and to assist in its retention: the tip is narrow/pointed and body larger with a narrower neck just before a 'base'. The base is designed to prevent the plug from fully entering the rectum from where it would be difficult to remove!

They are usually inserted and then left in place for effect.

Butt plugs are often non vibrating though quite a variety of vibrating plugs are available.

Some butt plugs can be used with a harness and thus can be used by a women penetrating a man.


Vibrating bullets can be used at the entrance to the anus and internally.

Anal Beads

Other popular type of anal toy are anal beads. Traditionally these were a string of beads on a cord which are inserted into the rectum during sex. At orgasm the string is draw out, usually slowly, with the cord and as each bead passes through the anus the stimulation heightens the orgasmic experience.

It is possible to produce very powerful orgasms using beads.

Cord can snag and occasionally cause discomfort at the critical moment. Modern designs generally avoid this by using a flexible plastic rod on which the beads are moulded. Moulded beads are also easier to clean.

Other Anal Sex toys

There are a few unusual variations on the above themes worth mentioning.

One is the anal finger stimulator, a mini butt plug with a ring instead of a base. This is slipped on the finger and used to pleasure your partner. It is ideal where finger like stimulation is desired but the 'giver' is not comfortable inserting their real finger.

Another is the inflating butt plug (which also vibrates). This has a rubber layer over the vibrating body, which can be blown up after insertion to provide a very 'full' feeling that some people find exciting.

Materials for Anal Toys

All the materials that are used to make non-anal sex toys are found in anal toys. However some materials have distinct advantages for anal use.
  • Silicone rubber is a very good choice and worth the additional cost. It lasts well and is firm but flexible. It can easily be cleaned and even sterilised by boiling.
  • Glass is another good choice. It is used mainly for non-vibrating dildos and plugs although a few vibrators are available with a glass sheath. Although rigid it has a very smooth surface which can enter the anus without discomfort. As with glass dildos, you have the opportunity to try warm and cool toys for their effects - though it is important not to use them very hot or cold. As with silicone, glass is easy to clean and also can be boiled to sterilise. As glass is non-absorbent after cleaning no unpleasant smells remain.
  • Jelly rubber is comfortable to use and low cost. However it is more difficult to clean and does tend to retain smells.
  • Hard plastic is quite good being easy to clean (if there are no joints or crannies) and tends not to absorb smells. However the hard plastics normally used cannot be heated to boiling water temperature and therefore cannot be heat sterilised.
  • Latex rubber is sometimes used (for instance in the inflatable butt plug where it is necessary) but is not a good choice where it can be avoided. It is more difficult to clean, takes more looking after and should not be heated to sterilising temperatures.
With a material that is not suitable for sterilising in boiling water it is possible to use a sterilising solution as used for babies' bottles etc.
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