Finger And Glove Vibrators

When you are trying to give tactile pleasure to another person using a normal vibrator it is difficult to feel exactly what you are doing to (for) them. How hard are you pressing? What exact spot are you stimulating? If only you could feel with your own fingers where the vibrations are going.

Well, using finger and glove vibrators you can!

These tiny vibrators attach to your finger/finger tips or are positioned in the finger tips of a glove to turn your own fingers into precise stimulating 'tools'. Using these you can feel exactly where your are touching your partner and with how much pressure, adding greatly to their enjoyment.

The only draw back for some people is that the vibrations on your finger may feel rather intense - but it worth putting up with the discomfort for the pleasure these toys give!

Finger Vibrators

Fukuoku 9000 Finger Vibe
Fukuoku 9000 Finger Vibe
This is a single vibrator that you place over your finger tip to turn your own finger into a vibrator.

It comes with two finger caps to change the feel of your finger tip - however these are not really necessary as the important point is that you can feel exactly where you are placing the vibrations on your partner.

Fukuoku Three Finger Vibe Fukuoku Three Finger Vibe
This is another Fukuoku finger stimulator, but this time there are vibrators for three fingers and a wrist mounted controller with variable speed control.

Vibrating Rabbit Ring
Vibrating Rabbit Ring
The Rabbit Ring is a bit different. It contains a miniture vibrating bullet with an external multispeed controller. Made out of stretchy jelly rubber, the ring can be slipped over the finger to turn it into a vibrating finger with a vibrating rabbit style clitoral stimulator. This is ideal for stimulating the vagina entrance with your finger while giving intense stimulation to the clitoris. Since the rabbit part is not directly on your finger it is not quite so easy to feel the position on your partner, but it is still great fun and versatile.

Gloves With Vibrating Finger Tips

Fukuoku Massage Glove
Fukuoku Massage Glove
These gloves provide strong vibrations through each of your finger tips on one hand. As they are waterproof and washable, they are ideal for a very sexy massage.

These sex toys are a little unusual but make a welcome and very effective alternative to the usual dildo based vibrators. We recommend you try one of these finger or glove vibrators - you will be surprised how effective they can be!

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