Male Masturbators

Many men are very happy masturbating using just a hand. However it has always been the case that men sometimes would like a change and to experience something new. By making use of all sorts of materials the different sensations against the skin of the penis can provide a refreshing and exciting change. A few men actually need some very specific method of masturbation to achieve orgasm.

Sex toys specifically designed for masturbation offer yet another method of stimulation and a new experience.

Types Of Masturbation Toys

There are around four categories of masturbation toys:
  • Sleeves that offer new skin sensations and tight enclosing sensations
  • Vibrating toys that stimulate using the ubiquitous vibrating egg
  • Stroking action masturbators
  • Sex Dolls that offer a woman substitute
Many of these types overlap - for example sleeves that contain a vibrating egg.

Masturbation Sleeves

On the SexTingles site we offer a wide range of masturbation sleeves. These are often made out of jelly rubber with a vibrating egg which is inserted in a chamber next to the channel for the penis. They are often shaped to hint at female sex organs or a mouth.

Some such as the Porta Muff concentrate on providing heightened skin and enclosing sensations and do not provide vibrating stimulation. Others have the internal cavity lined with quite spiky nodules that some (many?) men may find gives them sensations that are too strong to enjoy.

Two masturbation sleeves that we offer, Screaming Orgasm and Delightful Dara, have sounds of sexual ecstasy built in: this could be very exciting or could be a turn off - that is for you to decide!

Of course you can always turn off the sounds or vibrations if you wish.

We will also include in this section the Pink Soft Mitt Massager that is really just a jelly sheet with small nodules on it to provide a sensation different to the feel on ones hand.

Vibrating Masturbators

We have already covered the sleeve masturbators that include a vibrating egg. There are a few others such as the Penis Head Stimulator that provide vibrating stimulation without a sleeve. Well, it does have a sleeve to keep the egg in place, but the sleeve is not intended to move and add significantly to the stimulation.

Stroking Masturbators

There are only a few types of these. Again they often also include a vibrating egg. Two types are available from SexTingles. The Turbo Stroker uses a set of rollers that press onto the penis through a sleeve and provide a sort of stroking sensation as they roll up and down the penis.

The Hot Lips Blow Job is completely different and surprisingly effective. With this masturbator the 'operator' uses a bulb type air pump to manually make a sleeve move up and down the end of his penis. With a little bit of imagination it gives a pretty convincing experience of a blow job!

Sex Dolls

In principle sex dolls ought to be high on the list of interesting sexual experiences for a man. Imagine a perfect body with great sexual attributes, ever willing to satisfy you ...

Unfortunately the reality is that even quite expensive dolls are extremely poorly made. We do not stock these as we believe they do not provide value for money. Sex dolls have various combinations of cavities for inserting the penis into - simulated vaginas, mouths and anuses. Some add vibrating bullets in strategic places.

We do sell a sort of hybrid between sleeves and dolls such as Mademoiselle Pussy Anus and Mandy Mystery Doggy Style. With these the toys are made out of a material that feels good and the shape of the body parts are reasonably convincing. However as you may suspect from the term 'body parts' some people may be put off by the way the toys offer only part of a body - some people may find that a bit disquieting.


The vast majority of male masturbators are masturbation sleeves. These offer a different experience from manual masturbation and the change can be refreshing. As always with sex toys individual men respond in their own way to both the physical feel of the toys and the psychological aspects. We can advise on some of the more 'technical' sides but in the end the choice has to be made by you, the customer.

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