Penis Rings

Penis rings are also known as cock rings and there are a wide range available. They are used for a number of purposes: penis rings can assist a man's erection by restricting blood flow and/or providing a pressure sensation; penis rings (together with rings/harnesses for the balls) can provide visual excitement and penis rings can provide a base for attachments such as clitoral stimulators and vibrators.

Improved Erections

A man's erection is caused by chambers in the penis filling with blood under pressure. The blood is pumped (by the heart) into the chambers all the time, but when the man becomes aroused the veins allowing the blood out are restricted causing the build up of pressure in the chambers. The increase in blood swells the penis and makes it more rigid (like a tyre!).

A penis or cock ring helps restrict the flow out of the penis increasing the pressure and therefore the size and firmness of the erection.

Maintaining An Erection

Many men can obtain an erection fairly reliably but then find it difficult to keep it. Small amounts of anxiety, distractions due to changing position while making love or maybe a knee or the back hurting can then cause the erection to go down and then the man often finds it difficult to regain. For men that find this happens, a penis ring can help by closing off the veins and so trapping the blood in the penis and keeping the man's erection going.

Safety Considerations

It is important to realise that the ring needs to be pretty tight for it to help with an erection and that by cutting off or severely reducing the circulation, insufficient oxygen carrying blood will be circulating for the long term health of the penis. To avoid damage to the tissues of the penis a tight cock ring should not be worn for more than around one hour at the most and if any discomfort or numbness is experienced it should be removed straight away.

Types Of Penis Rings

There are two main types of plain penis rings: fixed rings and adjustable rings/loops.
  • Fixed rings are usually made out of rubber or metal. Usually they are smooth but some have beads that can provide a slightly different feel. They can look quite attractive. On the minus side they can be difficult to remove particularly while the penis is erect. If an erection will not go away while wearing one of these it may be difficult to remove. This would be dangerous and require a visit to the hospital as while the ring remains in place the penis may be starved of oxygen and be damaged.
  • Loops are made out of rubber. They can be adjusted and removed easily even while the penis remains erect. The excess length tends to stick out in a somewhat awkward manner. The excess can be cut off but remember to leave enough to thread through the adjustment mechanism and fit on the penis before tightening.
Other types of rings include:
  • Fetish/bondage cock and ball harnesses are a variation that provide an interesting visual effect and usually a greater feeling of tightness that many men find exciting. See the bondage section cock and ball harnesses and straps.
  • There also rings with attachment that vibrate and stimulate both the woman and the man. See the penis vibrating attachments section.
  • Closely related to the penis ring is the penis sleeve or tickler. These usually do not provide a tight fit but have pronounced textures that provide the woman (or anally in the case of a man) with new sensations. See the penis sleeves and ticklers section.
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