Sex Lubricants Increase Pleasure

Toko Aroma Lube
Sex lubricant (or lube)can increase your pleasure immensely.

A man usually does not produce very much natural lubrication from his penis so in a heterosexual situation the man normally has to rely on the woman to get wet and slippery during foreplay.

If you find there is sufficient lubrication after a reasonable amount of foreplay there is no real need to add more for vaginal penetrative sex. However you might like to try to be even more slippery. Also using a sex lubricant early on in the foreplay can be really sexy and make foreplay even more sensuous.

Often women do not produce as much lubrication as they and their partners would like and then using a sex lubricant is very effective.

For anal sex lots of lubrication is a must to make it pleasurable as the anus and rectum does not produce much, if any, lubrication and the skin there is very delicate.

For masturbating a man or woman or using sex toys, lubrication can make it so much more enjoyable.

Having sex in water or a shower tends to wash away the natural lubrication resulting in an unpleasant dry feeling despite water all round! To avoid this, use a suitable lubricant to bring back the slipperyness.

Types of Sex Lubricants

  • Water Lubricants JO H20 Lubricant

    The most general purpose lubricants that can be used for anything (though not much use in water) are the water based lubricants. These come in various forms but usually as a gel. Some are particularly suitable when combining intercourse with oral sex and these may even be flavoured.

    Water lubricants are safe for use with condoms and all sex toys.

  • Silicone Lubricants Toko Silicone Lube

    These lubricants dry less quickly than water based lubricants and are resistant to water so are ideal for use in water. They can be used with condoms and toys made out of most type of materials but should not be used with silicone toys.

  • Petroleum Jelly Lubricants

    Orgy Oil Petroleum Jellies, like Vaseline, are thick mineral oil based creams that are very good for anal sex and are also water resistant. They can be a little bit messy. Petroleum jelly attacks latex (natural rubber) and therefore must not be used with condoms as these are so thin they can deteriorate even during use. Don't use it with toys or bondage/fetish/BDSM gear made with latex as it will cause rapid deterioration of the rubber even if cleaned off.

  • Special LubricantsJO H20 Lube Warming

    To try to combat a man coming too quickly, there are lubricants available containing a small amount of anaesthetic such as benzocaine. By numbing the skin a little the idea is to reduce sensitivity so that the man is less likely to orgasm so quickly. If you suffer from this problem then these formulations are worth trying but they are not effective in all cases.

    You may also find that just by using a lot of ordinary lubricant you can reduce the intensity of stimulation and so reduce a tendence to orgasm too quickly.

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