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The Truth About Female Desire: part 1

This is the first part of a review of the Channel 4 series The Truth About Female Desire first shown in September 2005. This review was first published in the September and November SexTingles Newsletters.

Whether you saw the programs or not we hope you will be interested in the reviews - we guess Channel 4 is likely to repeat the series sometime.

For the programme, eight women volunteered to be 'sex guinea pigs' and assist scientists trying to discover more about how women's sex organs work. The first episode researched genital physiology and arousal. As you can only visually see the tip of the clitoris it is difficult to understand what changes occur when a woman is sexually aroused. It is easy to see a man's reaction to being sexually stimulated. A stiff erect penis is an obvious indication that he likes what he is doing or seeing. Individually, two of the woman agreed to participate in an experiment to see the effect of being aroused. They had to sit in a large shallow bath of (what could have been warmer!) water and were wired up to a machine. They were each given a waterproof vibrator which they used to stimulate themselves.

waterproof vibrator
When they were sufficiently stimulated and about to have an orgasm they were handed a probe which had to be placed on the clitoris in a certain position. This was not at all easy as the girls were obviously in a high state of arousal and found it difficult to react to instructions - for example 'move the probe 180 degrees'. The scientist was able to see a scan (similar to a scan produced of an unborn baby) and he could compare the aroused clitoris to that of one in a normal situation.

The results were very good and we could clearly see the difference between the three sets of images. It transpired that much of the clitoris is hidden from view behind the lips of the vagina. When stimulated the clitoris fills with blood and greatly increases in size - much the same as the workings of the penis.

The experiment worked very well but the scientist was a little uncaring about the feelings of the much aroused girl left on the verge in the cold bath of water. Desperate to have an orgasm the girls were left somewhat hanging and were thanked very much and told the experiment was over!

vibro thong The programme also featured the girls relaxing in the hotel lounge discussing their own sexual experiences. One girl described to the others how her boyfriend had bought her a remote control Vibro Thong. She had gone to the pub wearing these and he had the remote control. She said it would have been very exciting but he kept switching it on at inopportune moments. i.e. when she had a tray of drinks in her hands and she spilt rather a lot. She was at the bar trying to order the drinks and found it impossible to concentrate. She found her vibro thong experience very stimulating!

They all agreed that most women (and men) suffered from a lack of information and knowledge about the sexual workings of the female. One girl was extremely worried that a very long penis could damage her vagina but she was assured that this was not the case. Most girls had been in situations where they had been very stimulated but sexual intercourse had started to be a little painful. Because they were so wrapped up in the situation they did not realise until it had gone too far and then did not like to say anything but did not want to stop. Apart from feeling a bit uncomfortable 'down there' as they put it, a few hours later they had all recovered.

S0747 To emphasise the different shapes and sizes of the vulva, they were given soft moulding material to make a caste of their own vulva. When completed most girls recognised their own caste but it was amazing how different they were.

Another interesting experiment featured denial of arousal. Many women are not aware of how aroused their vagina is becoming. Again the arousal of a man is obvious. Individually each girl was wired up to a probe that could detect arousal in the vagina. They were given a simple lever to operate when they thought they were being turned on. Two porn films were shown with a relaxing sequence between. One featured a romantic scene with a man and woman kissing and cuddling under a gazebo and in the second an older man was giving a young girl oral sex. All the girls except one said they preferred the romantic film but according to the probe they enjoyed both films. The scientist was able to demonstrate from this that the mind is not always in step with how the body is reacting.

We found this documentary to be most interesting and informative and will be featuring the remaining three episodes in subsequent Newsletters. We hope you will find it as useful as we have in trying to understand the workings of the female sex organs.

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