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The Truth About Female Desire: part 2

This is the second and part of a review of the Channel 4 series The Truth About Female Desire first shown in September 2005. This review was first published in the September and November SexTingles Newsletters.

In the second episode of the series, the scientists concentrated on sexual attraction.

You will remember that eight women volunteers were invited to take part in various trials to find out more about female sexual desire. The laboratory resembles a high class hotel rather than a conventional scientific laboratory, enabling the women to relax and to chat freely together about their experiences of sexual desire as well as taking part in the tests.

chaps This time, ten men were invited to the laboratory to act as guinea pigs in a further set of trials.

The first part of the programme feature the girls discussing what erotic films turned them on. Most of them agreed that they found watching women being intimate together a turn on and some of them fantasised about what it would be like to have a sexual experience with another woman.

One of the women is a lesbian and has a steady girlfriend and another is very happily married with four children and had never thought about having a female partner. sexy clothes The rest of the girls had varying experiences with other women. One of the girls had had a relationship with another girl for sometime but it had not worked out and she had decided that she definitely preferred men. It had been found that most gay men preferred watching gay men and most straight men preferred watching straight men in erotic films. But with women it was not that simple. Many heterosexual women liked watching two women being intimate in erotic films (as do men!)

The women were then asked to watch a film of monkeys having sex. Most of the women hoped/expected they would not be turned on by this but it was proved that their bodies did find the film sexually stimulating, though mostly their minds did not. Their bodies were designed to respond to a wide variety of stimuli and in doing was preparing them for intercourse.

Generally it is agreed that women subconsciously look for a fertile man, which is one who looks healthy and intelligent. In the first test involving the men, the women had to feel a hand of each man through a hole in a curtain.

mens sexy shorts Most of them thought they were choosing the men with the larger hands thinking that this might select a man who would be more capable of looking after them. They all agreed that they preferred men who were larger in size than themselves as this gave them the feeling that the man would be in control.

It turned out, however, that they actually tended to choose hands where the man had a relatively long ring finger. It has previously been shown that men that develop long ring fingers had generally been exposed to more testosterone in the womb before birth resulting in a greater fertility and those with a longer index fingers had more oestrogen and tended towards lower fertility.

Of course these type of results as always apply 'on average' and any individual man may not fit in with the trend - similarly an individual woman's reaction to finger lengths may not always fit the average. In addition women take many other factors into account both consciously and subconsciously when selecting a partner.

mens sexy top In the next test the men had been asked to wear a T shirt for a week without washing it and then place it in a jar. The women had to smell each shirt and choose the one they preferred. Most chose the T shirt that had been worn by the male model.

In the last test all the women watched silhouettes of the man dancing one at a time and each chose the one they fancied the most. They all chose the man with the best physique that moved rhythmically.

sexy womans body The scientists agreed that choosing the perfect partner is very complex. In many cases women are unaware of what is going on in their own minds and often they use their intuition shaped by such factors as tested in the experiments.

At the end of the programme biological basis of how a woman chooses a man based on looks was investigated. The women looked at a series of pictures of male faces and chose the ones they found most desirable. They also had a computer image of a man's face which they could adjust (morph) to make them more attractive to themselves. The image could be made more or less symetrical and more masculine or feminine.

The interesting thing to come out of this was that the more attractive women tended to choose men with the most masculine faces.

The explanation was that masculine faces indicate high levels of testosterone which should lead to easier reproduction. Unfortunately more masculine men have been shown generally to be more likely to have extra marital affairs that could end a relationship affecting the chance of producing children and reducing the support mens harness available for children already born. So subconsciously these women knew that such men will reproduce well but tend not to be reliable. Their choice of best sexual/life partners therefore becomes a trade off but the woman's choice is also influenced on their view of the level of their own atractiveness and thus ability to keep a masculine man from 'going astray'.

Yet again the programme was very interesting and thought-provoking.

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