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World Naked Bike Ride

Yes! Roger Armstrong did take part again in this year's (2007) World Naked Bike Ride - report to follow soon! In mean time below is the report from last year

SexTingles believes that there should be no shame in the naked human body and as a responsible company we also support protection of the environment and the reduction of dependency on renewable energy.

When we heard just recently of the World Naked Bike Rides taking place all round the world, we thought - what a great idea to celebrate our bodies! We decided to sponsor Roger Armstrong in the Brighton ride.

Roger was supporting both WNBR and the Outsiders club. Outsiders is an organisation set up to help disabled people with relationships and dificulties with sex - an organisation we have supported on our resources page for over two years.

The WNBR is a loose protest/pressure group which encourages annual rides in towns and cities around the world to publicise the need for reducing the dependency on non-renewable energy resources; trying to reduce pollution caused by the overuse of cars; and encouraging cycling as part of the solution.

As one of the World Naked Bike Ride events taking place all round the world, the Brighton WNBR took place 10 June 2006.

The hot weather probably encouraged the excellent turnout of about 160 riders. There was a very good mix of ages, equal numbers of men and women, one or two children and a dog in a bicycle trailer!

The riders nakedness shows the vulnerability of human bodies particularly in relationship to cycling and cars.

Due to the decision of a police superintendent who reversed an earlier agreement with the police that nudity would be allowed, riders were advised that anyone exposing their 'rude bits' (his terminology!) might be arrested.

After discussing with other riders which of his minimal thongs to wear, Roger chose an 'elephant thong' to cover his 'naughty bits'. Other riders used a variety of inventive ways to do the same. When eventually all the preparations had been completed the resulting mix of bare or painted breasts and buttocks and imaginative ways to cover the genitals was both amusing and eyecatching.

The ride began on the Level in Brighton.
The friendly police helped by managing the traffic and the ride made its way like a carnival down to the seafront, west to Hove, regrouping at the Statue of Peace, then on through the Churchill Square shopping centre, back down to the sea, finishing, appropriately, at the Brighton naturist beach.

Onlookers, cheered their support. While many people looked somewhat surprised and took the handouts from cyclists to find out what it was all about, only a very few looked away from the near nakedness.

I wonder what people might have thought if riders had been allowed to ride fully naked.

The Brighton World Naked Bike Ride in support of anti-pollution, reduction in reliance on cars and oil and the celebration of the human body, was peaceful and fun. At the end, the organiser announced the next annual event would be on June 9 2007 and asked for people to press for it to be a truly naked one.

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