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Female Masturbation
Five Ways To Improve Your Orgasms

By Abbie Acworth

Perhaps you find sex and masturbation enjoyable and fun but did you realise they maybe more satisfaction available if only you tried some other ideas out? It is easy to fall into a rut: you have found one method that works well and naturally you rely on it. Perhaps you don't realise it but your masturbation method can have a large effect on how your orgasm feels. It is often said variety is the spice of life. This can be applied to masturbation just as well. Vary the masturbation method and let the sexual spice in.

It worth thinking first about how you masturbate normally. Maybe you have one main method with a few slight variations. Maybe you vary your methods a lot - if so you will probably be already aware of the benefit of using a variety of methods, but hopefully you will find something new here. Masturbate your normal way(s) and make mental notes or even write notes down on how you do it and even how it feels.

Then use the following suggestions, where they apply, to vary your approach. Try to follow the ideas closely but don't get too serious - sex above all should be fun!

Here are five suggestions. After working through them you can try combining some of them to make even more variations:

  • Lubrication - the liberated feeling

    Masturbating when dry feels uncomfortable and is likely to make you sore. You may have enough natural lubrication for normal masturbation. For a new feel try masturbating using a generous amount of sex lubricant.

    Buy some lubricant preferably water based. Lie on something suitable (that you can wash) and then apply a lot of lubricant. I mean a lot! Smother your crotch with the slippery stuff! You will probably find doing this will be sexy, indulgent and liberating. Masturbate using your normal method. It will probably feel very different and bring you to a very satisfying orgasm.

  • Fast Or Slow - try the reverse

    There are some very basic ideas that you may not have tried - at least not tried since you have been in that rut. One of these is to vary the speed of your normal method of stimulation and also how quickly you achieve orgasm.

    Try using a varying the speed of stroking from usual. One time masturbate faster, another very fast and another slower or very slow. Keep to that speed for the whole session and see if you can reach orgasm without changing it. You may find you cannot get to orgasm sometimes - if so consider stopping and trying again another time. This hopefully will train you to achieve orgasm through a wider range of sensations. If you can't quite get to orgasm and can't bear to stop change to a speed that you know will work to get you there.

    By using these techniques, try also varying the length of time you take to get to orgasm. It is likely you already have a natural variation in the time it takes depending on how in need of an orgasm you are, how relaxed you are and many other factors. So by, 'vary the time it takes', I mean make it quicker or slower than it would have been otherwise.

    You probably find that by varying the speed of masturbating and the time taken to orgasm will have quite an effect on how your eventual orgasm feels.

  • Relaxing - for the whole body orgasm

    Many women tense up more and more as they near orgasm. If you notice you do that, try the opposite. Concentrate on keeping fully relaxed as well as on the sexual feelings you are experiencing.

    You may well find keeping relaxed difficult but persevere. When you do achieve a perfectly relaxed orgasm you are likely to find it goes throughout the whole of your body with waves of orgasmic sensation surging up and down from the tips of your toes to the top of your head!

  • Holding Back - the explosive orgasm

    Maybe you are a woman who once you start masturbating you go 'hell for leather' for the orgasm, touching yourself just the way you know will bring you to climax as quickly as possible.

    If so try the opposite.

    First get yourself going with the way (or one of the ways) you like. Ease off, concentrating on how you feel for a while. Then take yourself near to orgasm and again ease off slightly, controlling your urge to go over the top. Try doing this once or twice, each time letting yourself get near to the point of no return. At last, when you can hold back no longer, first force yourself to ease back slightly for the last time and then go for it even harder than usual!

  • Separating the sensations - the different orgasm

    Assuming you always masturbate using your fingers, if you were asked what erogenous zone you prefer to touch to achieve orgasm you will probably not be aware of the role contributed by your fingers. When you use your own fingers to masturbate, what you feel comes from both your erogenous zones and from the finger(s) you are using to touch them. Your brain mixes the two sets of inputs and your sexual excitement is born from these merged stimulating sensations.

    For a different experience try masturbating using thick gloves or a smooth finger sized implement to remove the normal signals from your fingers. If you have never experienced this before it will feel strange not having the usual finger sensations and you could find it very sexy!

  • The sex toy - naughty vibrations

    If you haven't tried using a vibrating sex toy you may well be surprised by one.

    A vibrating sex toy works on two levels.

    First it introduces a different way of stimulating the erotic zones. Vibration is very different from stroking (although, of course you can also stroke with a vibrator).

    Secondly it removes the finger sensations as in the above suggestion. Well, it removes the feeling through you fingers of what you would be touching, but instead you do feel the vibration of the vibrator which may be a little distracting at first.

    Talking of distractions it is worth using a vibrator that is relatively quiet otherwise you can also be distracted by loud buzzing and rattling noises! It is also worth having a vibrator where you can control the power/speed of vibration. There are a number of other important things to consider before buying a vibrator - see vibrator sex toys for more advice.

    Having obtained a suitable vibrator, first try using it like you would your fingers. Many women find the vibrations take them to a powerful orgasm very quickly. Indeed there are many women who find that using a vibrator is the only way they can achieve orgasm.

    Try using the vibrator through its range of power control - don't just go for the highest level that you can bear!

Once you are used to a vibrator try using the vibrator with some of the other techniques suggested in this article. You will find a vibrator brings yet another dimension to your orgasms.

In future articles I will cover yet more variations and techniques. I hope these ideas will enrich you sexual experience. I also hope that they will encourage you to use you own imagination to invent new ways and methods of enjoying the satisfying art of masturbation.

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