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Female Masturbation
Two Secrets For A Better Orgasm

By Abbie Acworth

Every woman who loves having an orgasm would also love a better one. Maybe you tend to use just one way or a small number of ways to achieve orgasm. Ways you know are reliable. However it is often the new experience that brings the best orgasms: so it is worth experimenting. Use your imagination and try news ideas out. They won't all work but, with luck, you'll hit gold!

In my previous article "Five Ways To A Better Orgasm For Women" I suggested thinking a bit about how you normally achieve orgasm and then went on to explain how you might adapt and change them, to improve the experience. If you haven't yet read that article I recommend you read it first so that you can use some of those methods together with the following two 'secrets'.

  • Anal Stimulation - the forbidden area

    Well, perhaps not so forbidden these days. However it is still common for people to feel that touching their anus is not something adults should do. If you feel put off from trying, it is worth seeing if you can get over it as touching that area can be very sexually stimulating.

    If you have any qualms first wash the area well. Then start masturbating. When you are quite excited move your attention to the area between your vaginal entrance and your anus, stroking gently. Then move further to your anus and run a finger gently round the entrance. Concentrate on how it feels as you increase and decrease the pressure. Also notice how different parts around the anus vary in intensity of feeling. Initially you may be feeling a little nervous but hopefully you will soon be at ease.

    As you continue it is possible you will have an orgasm without touching your clitoris or vagina anymore. More likely you will need to stimulate your clitoris (and/or possibly your vagina) at the same time to get there.

    With increasing confidence, try inserting your finger a little into your anus. You are likely to find this very pleasurable. If you move your finger in and out regularly you may well find you achieve orgasm even without any other stimulation. Everyone is different so adapt as necessary for yourself.

    If you do have an orgasm with your finger inserted into your anus, you will notice strong contractions that mirror those you experience in your vagina. Just as it is pleasurable to contract onto something (whether it be a real penis or a dildo/vibrator) in your vagina, inserting a butt plug or slim dildo (or a finger) into the rectum can also heighten the orgasmic experience. You will need to experiment with the size of the butt plug/dildo. Something that is as large as can comfortably inserted is usually the best.

    You are on the way to bigger and better orgasms!

  • Vaginal entrance - the area that gets you wanting more

    It has recently been found that the clitoris is far from being just a small thing above the vagina. In fact clitoral tissue and nerves spread out around the entrance to the vagina. It is therefore not surprising that the entrance to vagina can be very sensitive.

    Many women masturbate by touching just the main part of the clitoris with their fingers, others by inserting their fingers (or a dildo) into their vagina and many do both. Obviously inserting something into the vagina will also stimulate the vaginal entrance.

    Whether you like clitoral or vaginal stimulation (or both) it worth exploring this area further to enhance your orgasm. Try stroking your clitoris until you are very well turned on and you can feel your clitoris has become engorged. Then move to the entrance to your vagina and firmly rub your finger(s) around the outside of the entrance, at the entrance and just inside. Make sure you are well lubricated first.

    Think about the sensations you are getting and find out which parts give the most pleasure. You will probably get a strong feeling of needing to have something inside; a need for penetration. Resist this feeling for now and concentrate on just the entrance.

    Maybe you will get an orgasm just doing this. If so it will probably feel a bit different from you usual one: remember it for the future! Having explored this area well, start to include it in your regular masturbation sessions. Combining vaginal entrance stimulation with clitoral and deep vaginal stimulation. It is sure to improve your orgasms!

Don't forget all my suggestions are just that, suggestions. Feel free to adapt these ideas and try out you own. The more you vary your sex the better it becomes.

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