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Rabbit Fever - A Film about Rabbit Vibrators?!!

By Abbie Acworth

The UK film Rabbit Fever opens 22 September 2006 and the Rampant Rabbit is soon to live up to its name!

This is the first film about a sex toy and seems to have been inspired by Anne Summers' Rampant Rabbit vibrator. That a film with a sex toy theme has been made may seem surprising but maybe we should not be so surprised. There has been a lot of talk about sex toys on the TV. The rabbit vibrator had a big boost with the Sex And The City episode and there is more and more about sex toys in the written media.

However in true British style, because it is about sex, Rabbit Fever has to be a comedy and it seems rather in the 'Carry On' style at that. Expect Rabbit Fever to be sexually titillating rather than sexually stimulating.

Sir Richard Branson Appears!

There also seems to be a hint of advertising about the film: we wonder if Anne Summers isn't behind Rabbit Fever. There are cameo spots for well known actors, actresses and other well known people such as Germain Greer and even Sir Richard Branson (boss of Virgin Atlantic). Sir Richard says (in the film talking about his airline) he won't ban the rabbit vibrator from flights! (Though maybe the thought of an explosive orgasm might cause problems with today's security procedures!).

The Rabbit Fever Story

The story of the Rabbit Fever involves the spread of the rabbit vibrator throughout the female population. As word of the way it stimulates both the vagina and the clitoris simultaneously and fantastic sexual orgasms it gives spreads, more and more women turn to the sex toys for their sexual satisfaction.

This leads to 'addiction' by the women who find they cannot stop using it and that it beats men for sex. Of course, there is a backlash from the men who start using the name Rabbit as a derogatory term! Women become so concerned about the addiction that they join Rabbits Anonymous to help them kick the habit!

Rabbit Fever seems to suggest that there is only one Rabbit Vibrator, but, of course, you can choose between a vast range of designs as you can see from our rabbit vibrators section.

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