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5 Secrets to get the best orgasms with your vibrator

By Abbie Acworth, published 21 September 2006

Bought a vibrator but it didn't seem to live up to the promise quick and intense orgasms? Or, perhaps you are about to buy a vibrator and would like to know a little more to help you choose one.

This article will help you make the most of a vibrator and give you some hints as to how to select one.

It seems simple to start with. A vibrator provides strong vibrations that stimulate the erotic zones to bring the user to a wonderful orgasm very quickly!

Of course, when it comes to it, things are not so simple -- at least for most of us. To help you get the best out of your vibrator so it will send you to heaven here are five secrets!

  • Start low - finish high.

    Most modern vibrators have a power controller. High power gives very strong vibrations - possibly too much to bear until you are very turned on. For the majority of women it is best to start with a low power setting and then increase the power in stages as you get more turned on. Then when you about to orgasm turn up to full power (or the highest power you can take) to propel you firmly over the top. keep in mind though that people do vary a lot in sensitivity and so do the power of vibrators.

    A variation on this method can work well. Use the method of slowly increasing the power until you are near to orgasm. Then reduce the power slightly to hold yourself on the brink for as long as you want or can bear, to build up your desire for orgasm. Finally turn up the power and bring yourself to orgasm and satisfy your deep urge to come.

  • Move it!

    Do you have a 'sweet' spot where you get particularly strong erotic sensations. Usually the tip of your clitoris is very (or even too sensitive) but I am thinking of other areas, perhaps on the little shaft of the clitoris or close to your clitoris or maybe at the entrance to the vagina. When you first use your vibrator you may find a spot like these that gives the most pleasure. You may then be tempted to hold the vibrator there until you come or at least hold it htere for a long time. This is not the best thing to do! The nerves at this spot tend to get used to the vibrations and the stimulation then falls away. It is even possible with frequent long term use on one area to cause permananent desensitisation although this is unlikely except in extreme cases.

    If you have such a 'sweet' spot the best thing to do is to stimulate it with the vibrator for a while and then move the vibrator around it nearby. Come back to the special position from time to time. By doing this you will keep the area fully responsive and increase you pleasure greatly. If you have several sensitive spots then you can go from one to another as well as stimulating the area close to each.

  • With a multi-action vibrator don't start off using all the effects.

    Many vibrators, especially rabbit style vibrators, have two vibrators and a rotating shaft. One vibrator vibrates the main shaft and the other the clitoral stimulator. Then there often is a facility to cause beads to rotate in the shaft and/or cause the shaft to rotate. The rotation is really a sort of waving around motion designed to stimulate the inner walls of the vagina.

    If you buy one of these it is a very good idea to choose one where you can independently control the various parts. If you have every thing in action when you start you session it is more than likely that you will find it all too much. Just like avoiding a straightforward vibrator turned up to full power right at the start, begin with just one function.

    If you like to start with some clitoral stimulation and no vaginal touching use the tip of the vibrator (not the rabbit bit) to stimulate your clitoris. Or, maybe you prefer vaginal entrance stimulation to get you started so use the head of the shaft to stimulate that adjusting the power to suit.

    Only when you are ready for intense and general stimulation of your vagina and clitoris should you turn on all functions. Even then it is quite possible that you will find that, when you are near orgasm, choosing just one or two out of the three or more functions works best to give you a best orgasms.

  • Use plenty of the right lubricant for your vibrator.

    The number one rule (well, one of the number one rules!) for sex is: keep everything well lubricated. This is not just to prevent soreness from rubbing. Lots of lubrication feels wonderfully sensual, allows the sex toy to slide over your skin without sticking or pulling and it actually provides a better contact between you and the vibrator helping the vibrations to get through.

    Some people have plenty of natural lubrication but the majority are helped by adding some out of a bottle. This is where you have to be careful. Water based lubricants are suitable for use with any sex toy vibrator, but they do tend to dry up over a long session. Silicone based lubricants don't dry up in the same way. They can be used on all but sex toys made out of silicone. This may seem odd but the silicone oil tends to soften the surface of the silicone rubber and can damage it.

  • Watch yourself in a mirror.

    A great way to intensify your response is to concentrate your mind on what you are doing. A good way to do this for many people is to watch yourself in a mirror. It may seem strange at first and it won't work for everyone, but using a mirror to see yourself pleasuring your own body with your vibrator can be a great turn on and highten you experience.

    Try to imagine seeing yourself now, pushing that vibrator in and out of your vagina or sliding the vibrator up and down your clitoris - doesn't that thought turn you on?

Get that vibrator out now and try these ideas out. I am sure they will help you to get more and more pleasure from your sex toy vibrator.

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