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The First Adults Only Show

By Abbie Acworth, published 15 October 2007

At the Birmingham NIA 5th - 7th October 2007

Adults Only Stage
The Stage

A 'London Olympia Erotica Show' on a smaller scale with a friendly feel, more glamour and visitors being allowed to take their cameras. That's how the first Adults Only Show in Birmingham was billed - so how did it work out?

SexTingles went along, visited the stands, watched the entertainment and took pictures: all in all we thought it was a great success!

We attended on the Saturday which we heard was busier than the Friday. There were a reasonable number of visitors but it could have accommodated twice as many without it feeling too busy. The ticket price was perhaps a little too high at £14.50 on the door. Food and drink prices were lower than at the Erotica Show.

Perhaps the biggest difference from usual, particularly with an adult show, was anyone could take in camaras and take pictures!


The show organisers had encouraged porn film stars, sexy girls and the occasional hunky man to support the stands and provide entertainment.

Visitors were rewarded with many good photographic opportunities (see gallery 1 and gallery 2).

The Stands

The overall size of the floor area was considerably less than at the London Erotica Show. However as the stands were also generally smaller, there was space for a good number of different stands showing a wide variety of products. These included the usual erotic art, erotic clothes, fetish and BDSM products, swinging clubs, a hot tub supplier, sex toys, erotic videos etc.

erotic art
erotic art

Becoming more popular were stands offering pole dancing and strip-tease lessons.

There were some more unusual stands too, such as recruitment agencies for work in the adult industry.
hot tub

A marked shift seemed to be that there were a lot more on-line porn video companies. They were giving away a few minutes to 30 minutes free viewing vouchers by the handful! It does look like there is already a lot of on-line competition for DVD supplies and sellers.

The Entertainment

The competition to win the title of Miss Adults Only Show was very popular with a number of very attractive girls showing off to an appreciative audience.

Miss Adults Only Show Winner
Miss Adults Only Show Winner

Shown here is the well deserved winner Carole Hunt - here is the link to her web site.

The oldest contender was a very attractive 39 year old but she seemed overawed by the occasion and strength of the opposition. Some of the others came over as being too professional.

The winner had a great balance of confidence and grace.

Other entertainment included Jessica Jackson interviewing with Ben Dover (real name Linsey Honey), the successful porn film actor/producer who has made a name from making rather crude videos featuring mainly anal sex.

Interview of Ben Dover

This interview was unexpectedly(!) quite interesting and Linsey came over as a reasonable man. He also helped judge the Miss Adults Only Show competition.

Miss Adults Only Show Winner

The Tricky Dicky's male strippers gave two performances. During the first they were unable to get a couple of women from the audience to join them on the stage - so they walked off!

The second time around they had organised a couple of girls off the stands to help out, so this time they completed the performance, but to honest, they didn't do a great job. Maybe it was a lack of atmosphere (they normally perform in clubs) or maybe not ...

Fashion show image 1
Fashion show image 1
Fashion show image 1

The fashion show was quite good, though not as good as the fetish one we saw at Xpo at the Barbican the day before. The girls from the Birmingham Spearmint Rhino club showed off a variety of clothes from the stands on the floor. You can see some more pictures in the gallery 1 and gallery 2.

Fashion show image 1

Hopefully the Adults Only Show will be repeated and then as it becomes more established attendance will rise.

For lots more pictures see the Our Adults Only Show gallery of pictures.

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