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Title: To London By Train With A Tantus RyderBy: An Anal Sex Enthusiast

  Having purchased a Tantus Ryder silicone anal plug from SexTingles some time previously, I decided it was time to enjoy this superbly designed plug during a business trip to London. I had worn the plug all day at work, just once, its use normally being during sex with my wife. During January I had made an appointment to visit a business contact of mine in Lambeth. I took the lubricated plug and slipped it satisfyingly home into my anus to experience that invasive, but intensely satisfying intrusion of my most personal orifice.

The winter's damp morning justified an overcoat and an umbrella. Thus equipped, together with my briefcase, and Ryder snugly in place, I drove the 20 or so miles to Kettering station to await the 09.23 to St. Pancras. Once seated, I realised how comfortable this plug really is by virtue of its short length even with a 'meaty' diameter. A true test is the ability to sit for the duration of the journey without discomfort and enjoy the very private opportunity to contract the anus around the plug whenever the fancy takes one.

Journey's end approached with the usual rush to grab coats, papers and briefcases and to finish the last dregs from paper teacups. I rose to vacate my seat, conscious of my anal invader, its intrusive presence feeling as pleasantly intense as when I had started out an hour and a half before.

The trek from St Pancras to the underground at Kings Cross was to prove how enjoyable the Ryder plug is when walking briskly. What is normally a tedious walk, was changed to an interesting experience. My mind's concentration, focused for a while on getting onto the Northern line underground train, returned to my anal plug once I was shoehorned, seemingly with the rest of humanity, into a carriage. Such invasion of one's space made me somewhat self-conscious about the plug. However, knowing the secret was mine alone, the pleasure from feeling my Tantus travelling companion snugly at home in my rectum returned.

At 'Embankment' I left the underground to cross the Thames to Lambeth in good time for my appointment. I was to meet Brenda, an attractive lady in her mid 40s. We were long time colleagues from her previous employment at my offices and had attended many business dinners, conferences and Christmas outings together. We had in the past touched on sex as a subject including her preference for being fully shaved!

Brenda's secretary offered me a welcome cup of coffee whilst she finished on the phone. My mind wondered from my Tantus Ryder, distracted by the large bust of this lady who I had never met before. Eventually Brenda arrived. We exchanged a friendly hug that I matched with a strong contraction around my anal plug. Pleasure indeed! Business was priority and our discussions intense. I did ponder telling Brenda about my anal plug and considering when best to do so, or whether better to keep my Tantus Ryder a 'Solitaire' pleasure.

We had planned to have lunch together at a local South Bank hotel. Brenda is a tall, shapely brunette with a full bust and with whom I share a mutual trust in our business dealings. We have often flirted and danced closely at evening functions and I have often imagined her performing in bed.

Having returned to the office and concluded our business, we exchanged a brief word and a hug prior to my heading back to St Pancras just in time to catch the crowded 17.55. Upon arrival at Bedford the train disgorged most of its passengers leaving empty seats in front of me. An attractive, well dressed lady boarded and sat opposite me. Our eyes met and locked in a stare, each of us thinking we had met before, but when?

Her expression, starchy at first, melted into a broad smile as we broke the ice. We chatted all the way to Kettering though I avoided asking her where we had met, frantically trying to recall. She had thin features but was not unattractive.

Whilst I was contracting my anus around my plug at a frantic rate, she searched out a pen and notepad from her bag as we continued to talk. The note was then hastily pushed into an ill-fitting envelope that was then sealed and put aside. I thought no more of it. As the train drew into Kettering we politely said goodbye at which point she produced the envelope once more insisting that I take it. A little bewildered, I had no time to argue and left clutching the envelope plus umbrella and briefcase.

Back in my car I extracted the folded note from the envelope. There was a telephone number and a message that produced a tight anal contraction around my Tantus Ryder plug. It read: -

"Please call. We can have dinner, then I want you to fuck me"!

It seemed we both had secrets, though I kept mine!

The Resolution ...

Most extraordinary! Her telephone number gave me the clue. It was a London number. She had not got on at Bedford as I thought, but had merely found a seat after the train emptied. Rather than travelling home, she was travelling away.

Several months ago a colleague and I had been to an event in London, staying overnight at a hotel in Russell's Square. We sat talking into the early hours with the night porter providing occasional beverages! There were still people coming and going including a lady who came in around 1.30am and having spotted us approached with casual conversation. She accepted a drink and we chatted about nothing in particular. After around 20 minutes, noting we were not interested in her 'Services',he quite gracefully took her leave. Little did I know we would later encounter each other on a train!

She remembered the 'when and where' before I did, though her face was quite memorable, pretty even. Her business as an up market escort explained the frank and explicit message! An unbelievable encounter and incredible co-incidence!


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