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Title: A Tantus Ryder Restaurant AffairBy: An Anal Sex Enthusiast

  I have enjoyed anal plugs for sexual stimulation over many years, often inserting one into my anus before having intercourse with my wife. I occasionally wear one to dinner or an evening event. Having tried various shapes sizes, each with their own texture and feeling I then came upon the Tantus Ryder Silicone plug.

It appeared somewhat shorter than many other plugs with a torpedo shape that promised to give that 'full' feeling without being so large as to demand lots of lube and time to allow the anus to dilate before it would slip in. It was also made of super smooth, hygienic silicone.

The Tantus Ryder seemed to be thoughtfully designed and really did suggest that biggest was not always best. A web search took me to the SexTingles site where I found the Ryder plug attractively priced. This easy to use web site soon had my order in the system, a small discreet package arriving shortly after.

I found the plug a delight to use; just a little KY jelly and a gentle push seeing it slide pleasurable into place. Light pressure for around ten seconds on the flanged base allowed time for my anus to close and seal around the thin stem. Immediately evident was the well designed profile of the plug at the base such that retention was assured whilst the flange was small enough to be discreet and comfy in use but of sufficient width to avoid anal swallowing and an embarrassing visit to ones GP!

This plug was simply a joy to use and suitable for retention for longer periods as a trial 'all day' run at work proved. At this point an incredibly sexy thought crossed my mind given that my wife enjoys anal sex. Would she consider the idea of both of us wearing a Ryder anal plug to dinner one evening? !! Her curiosity aroused, an order was placed with SexTingles for a second Ryder plug. Again it arrived in record time.

I booked a table for two at a favourite cosy little restaurant with a quiet, romantic ambience. We like to dress up for such occasions with my wife usually selecting a smart jacket, skirt and high heels for dinner. Having brushed her blond hair she reached for one of the plugs and invited me to insert it into her anus, moving at the same time to kneel at the edge of the bed and

flipping her skirt up fully exposing her bare bottom. Adjusting her kneeling position revealed the puckered little hole that appeared oblivious to the smooth silicone torpedo is was about to become host to. The lubricated plug met only a hint of resistance before slipping slowly through her anus and, accompanied by a deep sigh from my wife, disappearing into her rectum until halted by the flange.

Having slipped the other plug into my own anus we put our coats on and left the house, but not before my wife said, "This really is a rather gorgeous feeling. I am only worried that I am wearing an Anal Plug is written all over my face! Anyway here goes. Incidentally, if you want to fuck me when we come back Love, you might find my anus is going to be more than receptive!"

We arrived at the restaurant and walked in, only to bump into an Estate Agent friend of ours with his wife. That is when we both discovered the really sexy 'turn on' of talking to a friend of the opposite sex and tightening the anal sphincter muscle around the plug. They have no inkling of what you are up to. My wife later admitted that she did the same, finally conceding that her expression had not betrayed her anal secret. After that initiation she relaxed and we enjoyed first class waitress service with personal Tantus anal stimulation.

The whole experience resulted in my wife admitting, whilst waiting for the coffee and mints, to becoming aroused and wanting to repeat the experience soon. My relief at her pleasure was only tempered by the prospect of the markedly increased costs of eating out!

Our 'naughty' little evening drew to an end. The bill settled, I followed my good lady towards the door, saying goodbye to some acquaintances who would have had absolutely no idea that she was wearing an anal plug. At the same time came intense satisfaction came form my privileged knowledge.

Having driven the short distance home we put the car in the garage and finally shut the door on the world. My day was made when my wife thanked me and told me what an incredibly sexy experience it had been for her. She made clear my immediate duty was now upstairs ...


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