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Title: The EroscillatorBy: Two Clubbers

  Hi Gang, let me tell you about our favourite vibrator.

It's called "The Eroscillator" and I guarantee no clit can resist the most intense orgasm when it touches it. Unlike most vibrators we have used previously, it is mains powered and with plenty of zip that can be regulated.

For example, I was lucky enough to be invited into the bedroom by two girls at a party. Now; I am no superman so I when they asked to use my toy on them I was in there. This gadget has interchangeable heads with several shapes, which vary the rub on the clitoris or

the vibration when rubbed around the rim of the vagina. Anyway back to the girls. I made love to one of them and then played with the other building her up until she became very wet. I then switched on and gently at first vibrated her around my dick. I used the round end to do this, and then I swapped to the flat spoon to wiggle side to side on her clit. The effect was dramatic - she came so intensively I could feel the contractions as her vagina closed tightly on me.

When she recovered she said it was the best orgasm she had for ages!

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