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Title: The CutawayBy: Roger

  This is a true story!

I like all sorts of sex and have done quite a few interesting things in my time. One fantasy that I had not had the chance to live out, was doing a forced strip of my wife with a twist, mainly due my wife's anxiety about being tied up. But one day the roles were reversed and I became the 'loser'!

Amongst other things, we love going to Fetish clubs. We love the feeling of being outrageous and dressing up sexily in wayout and revealing outfits. We also love the friendliness of these events - despite the BDSM action (whipping and domination) non-consential aggresiveness is very rare and drunken behaviour almost unknown. This night we were taken to a small club in Bournemouth by two experienced friends.

The man had various BDSM skills and was particularly good at bondage. For the purpose of living out this fantasy, I changed out of my shiny black PVC clothes and put on some old ordinary clothes - clothes that if you wore them to come in you would be barred. However I had no wish to ruin my PVC outfit ...

Having changed, I was taken to a large fishing net, tightly stretched vertically from the ceiling to the floor. Our friend blindfolded me and then expertly roped me to the net, with my arms and legs stretched out. I could not move - I was helpless. Unable to see, I was left for a moment and then felt the cold of a large pair of scissors as some unkown person cut into my clothes!

As soon as some cuts had been made, many hands started pulling at the cloth and tearing pieces off, pulling them from under the ropes. Little by little, more and more of my body was uncovered and I was helpless to prevent it.

As soon as my crotch was uncovered, my penis sprang out, stiff and erect. Then all my clothes were gone and I was there bound to the net and naked for everyone to see.

Helpless, hands caressed my body, very lightly, intimately tickling my skin and making my muscles twitch with the exquisite feeling of almost unbearable sensations - but I couldn't prevent them.

Then suddenly, everything stopped. I could hear noises further away but I could hear no-one near and no hands touched my body. For many long minutes I waited, unable to see and unable to move. Suddenly a soft gentle mouth kissed me on the lips and explored my mouth for a moment and then was gone. Moments later hands returned exploring every part of my body except my penis which screamed out for attention.

At long last the game was ended, the blindfold and ropes removed and I returned to this world!

Or, at least, I returned to that rather strange and mysterious world of the fetish club.


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