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Title: The Tantus Harness and Buzz 1 Anal DildoBy: An Anal Sex Enthusiast

  My wife and I have been performing anal sex since our honeymoon as a pleasurable alternative to vaginal and oral intercourse. Personal anatomy is key and my wife, a size 14 and amply proportioned in those regions, finds anal sex comfortable and enjoyable if undertaken correctly with plenty of lubrication.

Having enjoyed prostate stimulation with anal plugs it seemed natural to extend the experience to being fucked by my wife. She was happy to please me that way and I purchased a Strap-on for her some years ago.

Recently I was attracted to the Tantus products designed specifically for anal sex with appealing shapes in smooth, hygienic silicone. I ordered a Tantus Ryder anal plug from SexTingles: a pleasant experience from the start, from the retailer's quality of service to the pleasure from using the plug.

I revisited SexTingles site with a view to purchasing a Tantus Strap-on harness. This would accommodate a range of silicone anal dildos, each with a different profile providing a unique sensation whilst being fucked. Three were selected, each with a large bulbous head to provide ample stimulation of the prostate.

I commend Linda at SexTingles for her friendly help with my questions concerning Tantus harnesses and suitability of dildos. The easy to use web site has excellent information aided by video samples. Delivery and packaging are secure and discreet!

My Wife and I inspected the Strap-on harness and three anal dildos we had purchased; the Buzz 1, Echo and Cosmo, all chosen because they had similarly large heads but different shaft profiles. I was immediately taken by the Buzz 1, the most penis like dildo, black, with a beautiful swollen head, somewhat larger in diameter than its oily smooth shaft. My wife was equally 'turned on' at the prospect of fucking me to see how I responded to receiving each in my anus. Over a period of several evenings I was fucked with them all. Credit to my lovely wife who made sure I was always adequately lubricated to enjoy to the utmost the smooth silicone Tantus anal experience!

We made a ceremony of each time, my wife brushing her blond hair and putting on her tight black topless basque with stockings, suspenders and shiny high heels before strapping on the harness with the chosen anal dildo already in place. That combination alone was 'Absolute Dynamite'; intensely beautiful, yet, incredibly sexually intimidating. She beckoned for me to kneel at the edge of our bed. We had decided to use the Buzz 1 initially which she proceeded to lubricate in a most provocative manner by rolling her hand up and down the smooth shaft ensuring a generous and even application of KY jelly.

I felt feeble in front of her in a black rubber vest I had chosen to wear, sexy, but no comparison with the sight of my wife, as she stood tall, in her cupless basque and high heels, her bare breasts contrasting starkly with her black ensemble, gently stroking her long black penis as if it were part of her. I was moved to tears, such was the emotional charge running through me from the ladylove of my life. The fact that she was going to fuck me looking like that really touched my innermost soft centre.

A cold touch to my anus signalled her attention to my lubrication, after which she brought herself close enough to rub the head of the penis up and down over the anal orifice. Eventually the knob, with gentlest of pressure applied, took its register and my wife's hands, now free, moved onto my hips. I yielded almost immediately, the bulbous head sliding slowly into the anus and finally 'plopping' home in my rectum. My wife's high heels gave her just enough height to ensure her approach was perfect for comfortable penetration.

She paused before slowly sliding the Tantus Buzz 1's full length into my rectum. Whilst so doing my wife whispered something so lovely and personal, from her heart; I'll keep that secret forever. There are times when you are reminded that someone really loves you, and you them. This was one of those times.

Feeling emotional but fully relaxed my Darling began to move in and out of my anus gradually increasing the length of her stroke until she was using the whole 170mm length of the Tantus Buzz 1 to fuck me. She was soon bucking her hips with a 'metronome frequency', each steady 'in and out' stroke of that smooth black silicone dildo reaming my anus beautifully.

Her strokes slowed as she prepared to withdraw and apply a little more lubrication. After a gentle pull back and just a hint of resistance, the bulbous head 'plopped' out, a most pleasant sensation. Quickly my wife prepared to re enter, the knob once again squeezing its way through the anal ring. Once back in the rectum, the shaft followed with minimal resistance. My wife resumed her full-length strokes, bucking her hips more forcefully this time knowing I was ready for an anal orgasm.

The Dildo was doing its job. Gradually, my wife increased the thrust of her forward stroke. Sensing I was near to a climax, her strokes became much more purposeful and powerfully delivered. The wave of warmth in the prostate area soon overwhelmed me and I shuddered noisily to a climax. My darling maintained her position during my pleasure peak, only withdrawing when my body had relaxed. As I stood up, my wife stepped out of the Tantus harness, told me she loved me and kissed me, her tongue searching mine.

Thanks to Tantus and SexTingles a whole new Strap-on anal experience had opened to us. There were the other dildos with different profiles promising altogether new sensations. Fucking suddenly had new horizons for us, and Anal Sex with it!!!


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