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Title: The Echo Anal DildoBy: An Anal Sex Enthusiast

  Having received the smooth Buzz 1 anally, my wife was keen to see how I reacted to the rippled profile of the Echo dildo. We tried this, one mid week evening at home after we had relaxed following a meal and a bottle of our favourite French Merlot. As usual, she dressed for her task in her black topless basque, stockings and high heels, adding an additional sense of occasion by applying shiny red lipstick and brushing her blonde hair. Finally she donned the Strap-on harness into which I had already placed the Tantus Echo dildo.

Penetration by The Buzz 1 had produced many new sensations; probably the most memorable being the feeling of the dildo's smooth shaft sliding slowly in and out. Once in the kneeling position, relaxed and lubricated, my wife began to introduce the Echo into my anus. The initial sensation was similar to the Buzz 1, the Echo's large bulbous head passing slowly and pleasurably through my anus into my rectum. Then things changed as further penetration saw each ripple forcing my arsehole to dilate and tighten in turn.

Initially the feeling was strange, as if not being able to keep up with the alternate expansion and contraction. Once I had the full length in my bottom and was relaxed, Joan began a move in and out slowly and rhythmically, varying her speed until my evident pleasure indicated that motion which allowed me to 'follow' the ripples.

We both agree there is a knack to experiencing the best sensations from this somewhat more 'advanced' anal dildo and that we need more practice. It goes without saying that the full 170mm stroke should be used but so far we have concluded that a somewhat slower and more deliberate penetrating stroke is required to best enjoy the ripples.

The Buzz 1 is an easier dildo from which to derive maximum pleasure; a beautifully smooth reamer, at whatever speed one prefers. The Echo dildo is therefore interesting, demanding a particular speed for 'in and out' fucking thus presenting a very specific challenge and being harder to master.


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