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Title: The Cosmo Anal Dildo ExperienceBy: An Anal Sex Enthusiast

  We waited before trying the Cosmo dildo since we decided to combine it with a weekend away in the City of Bath. We made the most of the cool weather enjoying our stroll around the Roman baths and the famous 'Crescent' knowing that the evening would see us enjoying a romantic meal with the hotel restaurant's view of the lights across the River Avon. As you can guess, I wore a Tantus Ryder plug to relax my anus whilst contemplating being 'seen to' by my wife wearing the Strap-on Cosmo dildo.

And so we made our way to our room, my wife holding my hand and smiling knowingly, her eyes full of love. We reached our room, my hand sliding down to her bottom and feeling its honest roundness beneath her skirt, unrestrained without knickers! Her soft breath and perfume combined to stir senses reminiscent of the excitement of teenage love. Far from being a 'fling' this was to be a deeply intimate and intensely private sexual union, unique to just us. We have often booked a hotel in Bath for a sexy weekend but this was to be so different. Making an event of it provides us with memories to recount later in our private moments; another sexual adventure shared and enjoyed equally.

My wife was soon ready, commenting on the distinct taper of the Cosmo dildo as she caressed it like her own. The Cosmo has a big round knob similar to the Buzz 1 and the Echo but the shaft narrows away from the head. My wife lubricated the dildo as I assumed my position kneeling at the edge of the bed. Whilst applying a little extra to my anus she was aware that the bed was somewhat lower than ours at home. Accordingly, rather than remove her shiny high heels spoiling the sexy effect, she moved her feet wide apart thereby lowering her pelvis. This was just sufficient and keeping her legs straight sheathed in their black stockings my wife adopted a perfect position for entry, the knob of the Cosmo 'plopping' smoothly into my anus with just the slightest stretching twinge on initial entry. Then followed a novel sensation as she allowed the shaft to follow. When fully inserted, there was little sensation of anal dilation. However the rearward stroke, which my wife delivered tantalisingly slowly, ensured the sensation of the diameter increasing was felt until the bulbous head was just at the mouth of the anus and ready to plop out. (Mouth and anus are an interesting mix of words!)

As she adjusted her strokes to a steady rhythm, it became apparent that the pleasure of this dildo could be intense, as it would provide excellent prostate stimulation especially on the rearward stroke.

My wife sensed I was enjoying this and concluded that a prostate climax was possible if she slowed slightly and strengthened her strokes. The faintest of murmurs came from the bed as my wife got into her full stride, really bucking her hips and thrusting the dildo equally strongly backwards and forwards into my anus. This gorgeous dildo was again easier to use than the Echo and speed less critical.

After a few minutes of steady and rhythmic fucking my wife began to pant at the same time as I sensed an orgasm was near. We both love 'talking dirty' and a few of my favourite 'choice phrases' from my wife tipped me over the edge to a deep and vigorous prostate climax. She managed to 'get me off', mustering the energy to deliver the final powerful thrusts during my climax. Both exhausted, we fell briefly asleep in each other's arms. We woke to the warmth of our intimate embrace, smiled and kissed and without saying a word looked into each other's eyes, registering that we had found yet another anal pleasure to practice and perfect. My wife then began to wank me to a climax. We both love a 'visual ejaculation' with jets of sperm shooting in all directions and this was no exception! It's worth the messy finale!

In conclusion, for those, like us, who enjoy anal sex, the Tantus Strap-on harness system, with the different dildos can provide a complex range of anal sensations. The easiest to use, and in some way most pleasurable is the Buzz 1 with its penis like bulbous knob and smooth shaft. The Cosmo also has a big knob that is satisfying on entry, the taper shaft allowing a specific sensation on the rearward stroke. The Echo is a challenge and we have yet to master that. I am pleased we bought all three since the Buzz 1 will be our standard with the other two occasional variations on the theme.

Interestingly, my wife views the different profiles as a 'man's thing' especially for the prostate. Her pleasure from being fucked anally, when comfortable after penetration, relies on her anus being well lubricated and on the full and smooth sensation from my penis and its steady movement in and out of her bottom. She would probably see the smooth Buzz 1 as giving a similar sensation. We shall see! Heaven help us if we run out of anal lube!


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