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Title: Horny Rhino Secret SexBy: H's wife


"Let's go for a walk" H said. "But we went for a walk last night and the night before", I replied. "But this will be different. Put on your short skirt - I have a surprise for you!" Whilst looking for my skirt, I noticed a small device attached to his key ring. Feeling slightly more interested in this 'walk' I put on my skirt with no knickers (a strict rule in our house - a skirt or dress always means no knickers!). H then helped me put my 'harness' on. An elasticated strap went round my waist and a similar strap fitted round the top of each leg.

Attached to this harness was a small soft jelly penis with clit stim called the Horny Rhino. He had already inserted batteries into the vibrator which fitted into a jelly pouch at the base of the penis. The well lubricated penis slipped easily into my already excited cunt.

I walked around inside the house getting used to the feel of this 'intrusion' and adjusting the straps to ensure it did not pop out. I was then ordered into the car. Sitting in the car feeling the soft but firm penis was quite a turn on in itself, even before any vibrations started. We parked near a park area with some woods. Unfortunately some other people turned up at the same time. Feeling somewhat self-conscious I got out of the car hoping that the vibrations would not start yet. But as I walked away from the people after a few steps the buzzing started. I looked at H in a knowing way hoping no-one would hear the muffled sound. H turned it off for a while and we continued our walk.

Next we saw a girl wearing flip flops coming towards us - on came the buzzing! As she approached, the buzzing did not stop but because of the noise of her flip flops she was unaware of the sexy game we were playing. I was getting used to this now but was feeling in a high state of arousal all the time.

"Let's find a secluded spot and take some photos" H suggested, so we went into the woods where I sat on a park bench, again the buzzing started. "Open your legs" he commanded. I did as I was told and also removed my glasses ready for the photo but it was not my face (now rather flushed) he was taking a picture of. He took several 'close-up' shots and we continued on our walk. I realised that the buzzing was actually almost inaudible and could only be heard if it was very quiet all around. Eventually we found the perfect spot under a large bush. I was beginning to feel that I did not care if we were spotted, I was so aroused I was desperate. We laid down together and I realised that the whole experience had been a huge turn on for H as well as his penis was very hard and erect. I removed the Horny Rhino which was quickly replaced by the real thing. It did not take long before we both climaxed together. The walk with the harness was the best foreplay I'd ever had.

The bunnies suspected nothing!

Next time you go for a walk and you pass a couple smiling at each other, be as quiet as you can - perhaps you'll hear a muffled buzzing sound!
I wonder how many girls go out with a remote control vibrator in place to add more excitement to their daily routine of shopping. What about in a restaurant. If you go for a romantic meal, you could hand control to your loved one. Even if the waiter does give you a sideways glance, I can recommend this type of foreplay.

SexTingles has a wide range of remote control sex toys. I was wearing the Horny Rhino on this occasion

but the vibrating eggs are very exciting too especially the new Ultraseven with seven different vibration modes.

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