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Naughty Places

Just for fun with your help we are building a list of place names that seem to have sexual or vulgar connotations, even if they really don't (eg Cows Bottom really refers to a small valley). The list includes names of towns, villages, roads, house names etc as well as rivers, hills and other geographic features. We prefer these to be in Britain.

If a place really does have sexual connotations even better!

Here is our current list (updated 4 January 2007).

  1. Back Muff Street Queensbury, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD4
  2. Badgers Mount Kent, England
  3. Baildon Wood Bottom SE1538 Yorkshire, West Riding
  4. Ballingdon Bottom TL0314 Hertfordshire
  5. Ballinger Bottom SP9102 Buckinghamshire
  6. Ballsbridge Dublin, Ireland
  7. Balls Cross - West Sussex, Grid Ref: SU988262
  8. Balls Cross West Sussex, United Kingdom
  9. Beacon's Bottom SU7895 Oxfordshire
  10. Beaver Green Ashford, Kent
  11. Beck Bottom SD2984 Lancashire
  12. Bell End Worcestershire, United Kingdom
  13. Birkenshaw Bottoms SE2127 Yorkshire, West Riding
  14. Bitchfield England
  15. Blidworth Bottoms SK5954 Nottinghamshire
  16. Bottom Boat SE3524 Yorkshire
  17. Bottomcraig NO3624 Fife
  18. Bottom House SK0452 Staffordshire
  19. Bottomley SE0619 Yorkshire
  20. Bottom Of Hutton SD4827 Lancashire
  21. Bottom O' The Brow SD8411 Lancashire
  22. Bottom O' Th' Moor SD6610 Lancashire
  23. Bottom Pond TQ8958 Kent
  24. Bottoms - Rochdale
  25. Bottoms SD9701 Lancashire
  26. Breast Sand - (bit Of A Cheat This) A Sand Bank Off King's Lynn, Grid Ref: TF543277
  27. Britain Bottom ST7886 Gloucestershire
  28. Brithem Bottom ST0110 Devon
  29. Brook Bottom SD5442 Lancashire
  30. Brown Tongue Scafell Pike, United Kingdom
  31. Brown Willy Cornwall, United Kingdom
  32. Bryant's Bottom SU8599 Buckinghamshire
  33. Bucklers Hard SU4000 Hampshire
  34. Bullyhole Bottom ST4696 Monmouthshire
  35. Bunwell Bottom TM1095 Norfolk
  36. Butt Of Lewis Scotland
  37. Buttsole TR3054 Kent
  38. Butts SX8089 Devon
  39. Charles Bottom SS6831 Devon
  40. Chorleywood Bottom TQ0295 Hertfordshire
  41. Chorlton Cum Hardy Lancashire, England
  42. Chorlton-cum-hardy SJ8193 Lancashire
  43. Clay Bottom ST6274 Gloucestershire
  44. Clitheroe (clit-her-oh!) SD7441 Lancashire
  45. Clitsome Farm Washford, Somerset
  46. Cock Alley - Derbyshire, Grid Ref: SK415701
  47. Cock Bridge Aberdeen, Scotland
  48. Cockden SD8734 Lancashire
  49. Cock & End TL7253 Suffolk
  50. Cockermouth Cumbria, CA13
  51. Cockett SS6294 Glamorgan
  52. Cocking SU8717 Sussex
  53. Cockshead SN6355 Cardiganshire
  54. Cockshoot SO5838 Herefordshire
  55. Cocks SW7652 Cornwall
  56. Cocktown Wexford, Ireland
  57. Cockup Cumbria, United Kingdom
  58. Codicote Bottom TL2017 Hertfordshire
  59. Cove Bottom TM4979 Suffolk
  60. Cows Bottom - A Small Place In Sussex Near Brighton
  61. Crapstone Devon, United Kingdom
  62. Creech Bottom SY9284 Dorset
  63. Creeting Bottoms TM1157 Suffolk
  64. Cromwell Bottom SE1222 Yorkshire,
  65. Crotch Crescent Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX3
  66. Dale Bottom NY2921 Cumberland
  67. Dancing Dicks Witham, Essex
  68. Dandy Cock Inn Disley, United Kingdom
  69. Deans Bottom TQ8660 Kent
  70. Denny Bottom TQ5639 Kent
  71. Devils Dyke West Sussex, United Kingdom
  72. Diddlebury Shropshire, United Kingdom
  73. Dodworth Bottom SE3104 Yorkshire,
  74. East Breast Inverclyde, Renfrewshire, PA15
  75. Effin Limerick, Republic Of Ireland
  76. Fanny Moor Crescent Huddersfield, Kirklees, West Yorkshire S21
  77. Fanny Street Cathays, Cardiff, CF24
  78. Fan-y-big Brecon Beacons, Wales
  79. Farsley Beck Bottom SE2235 Yorkshire,
  80. Fawley Bottom SU7486 Buckinghamshire
  81. Fiddleford England
  82. Fingringhoe Essex, England
  83. Fishpond Bottom SY3698 Dorset
  84. Fockbury Worcestershire, England
  85. Golden Balls Roundabout Oxfordshire, England
  86. Golden Balls SU5597 Oxfordshire
  87. Goldfinch Bottom SU5064 Berkshire
  88. Goosey Oxfordshire, England
  89. Great Cockup Hill, Lake District, England
  90. Great Hardwick SO3111 Monmouthshire
  91. Green Bottom SW7645 Cornwall
  92. Grope Lane In Shrewsbury
  93. Hammer Bottom SU8632 Hampshire
  94. Harcombe Bottom SY3395 Devon
  95. Hardhorn SD3538 Lancashire
  96. Hardingstone SP7657 Northants
  97. Hardisworthy SS2220 Devon
  98. Hardwick TL1868 Huntingdonshire
  99. Harpsden Bottom SU7580 Oxfordshire
  100. Hatch Bottom SU4714 Hampshire
  101. Hazeley Bottom SU7557 Hampshire
  102. Hill Bottom SU6479 Oxfordshire
  103. Hitcombe Bottom ST8241 Wiltshire
  104. Hoghton Bottoms SD6227 Lancashire
  105. Hogpits Bottom TL0101 Hertfordshire
  106. Hole Bottom SD9424 Yorkshire,
  107. Hole SS3317 Devon
  108. Hole Tayside, Scotland
  109. Hookers Place Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10
  110. Horneyman Kent, England
  111. Horton Bank Bottom SE1331 Yorkshire,
  112. Hotley Bottom SP8701 Buckinghamshire
  113. Hurley Bottom SU8283 Berkshire
  114. Irons Bottom TQ2546 Surrey
  115. Jolly's Bottom SW7545 Cornwall
  116. Kettlesing Bottom SE2257 Yorkshire,
  117. King Dick Lane City Of Bristol, Bristol BS5
  118. King Dick Lane City Of Bristol, Bristol, BS5
  119. Knob Lane Ashleyhay, Amber Valley, Derbyshire, DE4
  120. Knobs & Knockers 567 Kings Rd, London, SW6 2EB
  121. Lady's Hole Beadnell, Northumberland
  122. Lane Bottom SD9511 Lancashire
  123. Legs Lane Wolverhamton, Staffordshire WV10
  124. Lewd Lane - A Lane In Kent Near Smarden
  125. Lickers Lane Whiston, Knowsley, Merseyside, L35
  126. Lickey Hole West Midlands, England
  127. Lickfold West Sussex, England
  128. Lickham Bottom Hemyock, Cullompton, United Kingdom
  129. Little Cockup Hill, Lake District, England
  130. Little Hardwick SO3011 Monmouthshire
  131. Long Bentonlong Newcastle, England
  132. Lord Berkeley's Knob Sutherland, Scotland
  133. Lord Herefords Knob Black Mountains, Wales
  134. Loversall SK5798 Yorkshire,
  135. Lover SU2120 Wiltshire
  136. Lower Dicker TQ5511 Sussex
  137. Lower Hardwick SO4056 Herefordshire
  138. Lower Lewden SE3603 Yorkshire,
  139. Lower Piddle On The Marsh Gloucestershire, England
  140. Lulsgate Bottom ST5065 Somerset
  141. Lurk Lane - Beverley, North Humberside, HU17
  142. Lynsore Bottom TR1649 Kent
  143. Maidenhead England
  144. Marlow Bottom SU8488 Buckinghamshire
  145. Mingelane Upton-on-severn, Worcs, England
  146. Minge Lane Upton Upon Severn, Hereford And Worcester, WR8
  147. Minges Widford, Herefordshire
  148. Moisty Lane - Marchington, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ST14
  149. Mott Place Stoke-on-trent, ST6
  150. Mount Pleasant ST1900 Devon
  151. Mousehole Cornwall, England
  152. Muckton Bottom TF3682 Lincolnshire
  153. Muff Donegall, Ireland
  154. Nether Burrow SD6175 Lancashire
  155. Nether End SE2407 Yorkshire,
  156. Nether Handwick NO3641 Angus
  157. Nether Wallop Hampshire, England
  158. Newbiggin Northumberland, England
  159. Newland Bottom SD2980 Lancashire
  160. Nobber Donegal, England
  161. Nob End Bolton, England
  162. North Piddle Hereford And Worcester, England
  163. Oaken Bottom SD7309 Lancashire
  164. Pant Wales
  165. Park Bottom SW6642 Cornwall
  166. Pednor Bottom SP9303 Buckinghamshire
  167. Penisarwaen Gwynedd, Wales
  168. Penistone SE2403 Yorkshire,
  169. Penn Bottom SU9294 Buckinghamshire
  170. Pennycomequick Decon, Uk
  171. Pett Bottom TR1652 Kent
  172. Pettings TQ6163 Kent
  173. Piddle - Dorset, Grid Ref: SY743955
  174. Piddle North Hereford, England
  175. Pleasant View SD9010 Lancashire
  176. Pleasure House Lane - Sutton Valence, Maidstone, Kent, ME17
  177. Point Pleasant NZ3166 Northumberland
  178. Pole's Hole ST8454 Wiltshire
  179. Pont-y-pant Wales
  180. Pratts Bottom Orpington, Kent, England
  181. Pratt's Bottom TQ4762 Kent
  182. Prickett Hill - Wressle
  183. Pussy Creak Ireland
  184. Rampant Horse Street Ditto
  185. Ring Ringville, Waterford, Ireland
  186. River Piddle England
  187. Rodbourne Bottom ST9382 Wiltshire
  188. Roseworthy Bottom SW6139 Cornwall
  189. Rushcombe Bottom SY9997 Dorset
  190. Salubrious Passage Small Alleyway Nr Wind Street, Swansea
  191. Samlesbury Bottoms SD6128 Lancashire
  192. Sexhow - North Yorkshire, Grid Ref: NZ477062
  193. Sexhow NZ4706 Yorkshire,
  194. Share Bottom ST2303 Devon, PRE-1844
  195. Sheffield Bottom SU6469 Berkshire
  196. Shiplake Bottom SU7080 Oxfordshire
  197. Shitlingthorpe Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  198. Shore Bottom ST2303 Devon, PRE-1844
  199. Six Mile Bottom Cambridge, United Kingdom
  200. Skinners Bottom Cornwall, United Kingdom
  201. Skinner's Bottom SW7246 Cornwall
  202. Slackbottom Yorkshire , United Kingdom
  203. Sluts Hole Lane Norwich, England
  204. Staines England
  205. Styants Bottom TQ5756 Kent
  206. Succombs Hill Westerham, Kent, United Kingdom
  207. Swallow Place Westminster, Greater London, W1
  208. Swan Bottom SP9005 Buckinghamshire
  209. Sweet Loves SD7012 Lancashire
  210. Tangley Bottom SU5232 Hampshire
  211. The Bastard Argyll & Bute, Scotland
  212. The Cock Of Arran Scotland
  213. The Spit Roast & Barbecue Catering Co Lydden Grove London
  214. The Wee House Dorset, England
  215. Thong Essex, England
  216. Thong TQ6770 Kent
  217. Three Cocks Wales
  218. Timberden Bottom TQ5162 Kent
  219. Titley Herefordshire , England
  220. Titsey Hill Westerham, Kent, England
  221. Titty Ho England
  222. Tongue Scotland
  223. Trowley Bottom TL0713 Hertfordshire
  224. Turton Bottoms SD7315 Lancashire
  225. Twathats Scotland
  226. Twatt Orkney
  227. Twatt Shetland
  228. Upper Dicker And Lower Dicker East Sussex, England
  229. Upper Dicker TQ5510 Sussex
  230. Upper Hardwick SO4057 Herefordshire
  231. Wanton Lane - Terrington St. Clement, King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE34
  232. Well Bottom ST9116 Dorset
  233. Whippendell Bottom TL0502 Hertfordshire
  234. Whitewell Bottom SD8323 Lancashire
  235. Whitney Bottom ST3213 Somerset
  236. Wideopen Newcastle, England
  237. Wigginton Bottom SP9309 Hertfordshire
  238. Willey Herefordshire, England
  239. Wookey Hole Caves Cheddar, England
  240. Wookey Hole ST5347 Somerset
  241. Wyre Piddle Worcestershire, England
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