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How To Use The SexTingles Site

On the left is a menu which provides access to almost all the facilities available. This menu reveals further options when you login to your account. Some additional items are accessible through the menu at the bottom of the window.

Please note that since we have (for the moment) closed the SexTingles shop we have removed the sections about the shopping basket and checkout from this page.

Some technical information

This site requires the use of Javascript (version 1.1 or later): as you are reading this your browser is probably running this.

Some links require the use of pop-up windows. A single window will pop-up when you click on such a link. It is possible in some browsers to stop any pop-up windows, so if you click on 'more info' for a product, for instance, and the window fails to appear you will need to adjust your browser's settings.

The site uses cookies to hold your basket contents and track your login. If you generally turn off cookies, you will need to allow cookies for this site (for both the secure and non-secure parts).

Much of the site is displayed in non-secure mode. Whenever security is required, such as when setting up an account, changing account details, logging in or paying, the site automatically switches into secure mode and then back into non-secure mode afterwards. Your will see the lock symbol change indicating this is happening. Communications in secure mode are encrypted to a high level (128 bit) which makes it virtually impossible for anyone to understand the information while in transit. In this this way you can be assured your private details are always protected.

The site is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024 by 768 or higher with 16,000 colours or higher.

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