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SexTingles is an online shop for UK customers only that sells sex toys, sexy clothes and bondage toys. It also offers information on sex toys and sex tips and experiences and a monthly newsletter. Non UK visitors are welcome to look at the site and subscribe to the newsletter but unfortunately we are unable to accept accounts or orders from visitors with non UK addresses.

The SexTingles Newsletter

The SexTingles newsletter is offered to subscribers and customers to provide you with useful and interesting information such as:
  • articles on sex toys, lingerie and similar products
  • other articles of interest
  • special offers, competitions and other promotions
  • changes and developments on the SexTingles site
We have an archive of newsletters available on the the SexTingles web site accessible to account holders through a menu option after they log in. A sample newsletter is available to all. Newsletter subscribers can access all newsletters from the time they first subscribed. Subscribers who are not account holders will have to remember the URL for each issue as they are informed in order to look back at the older issues.

We will also send occasional promotional emails (normally less than one a month) giving news of SexTingles web site developments, special offers and promotions etc.

If you subscribe to the newsletter we will first send a welcome email. If you made a mistake giving your email address you will hopefully realise (because you do not receive the confirmation) and if the incorrect email address happens to be someone else's real email address they will have the chance to cancel the newsletter.

We promise not send more than one SexTingles Newsletter email each month! We will also send occasional emails to you about the SexTingles site and the products we offer.

If you receive the newsletter unexpectedly this may be due to either someone trying to subscribe but making an error in the email address they provide or someone signing up using your email address as a joke or even maliciously.

Stopping the Newsletter

We do not wish to send you emails if you don't want them!

To stop receiving the newsletter and promotional emails:

  • If you have an account with us:
    • Log in to your account and go to account details.
    • Your details will be displayed in a form for editing.
    • Go to the bottom of the form and 'un-tick' (tick on the tick to 'un-tick'!) the email option
    • Remember to finish by clicking on the save button
    • Should you wish to restart receiving offers and newsletter emails, go back to your details and tick the option again.
  • If you do not have an account (you have only signed up for the newsletter):
    • Send us an email addressed to:

    • Ensure you set the subject to unsubscribe.
    • Ensure you include the email address to which we are sending emails in the message part.
    • If you do not include the above details we may not be able to stop the emails.
    • If, after doing this by any chance you receive further emails please send us message to our normal addresss:

    Note that if you are an account holder we may still send occasional emails about the SexTingles site and your account and notification of orders. As we rely on email for almost all communication with customers, if account holders wish to stop all emails they must email us at requesting their account to be closed.

    Changing Your Email Address

    If you have an account, use the online 'Account Details' option to display and then edit your email address. If you do not have an account send us an email addressed to:

    With the email subject containing the word 'change' and the body of the message starting with the email address we have been using to send the newsletter followed by the new email address. Please double check the spelling of both addresses before sending.

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