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Planet Glass Dildos

Planet Glass Dildos

The Planet Glass Dildo range is high quality but low priced. There are four glass dildos in the range: Mercury, Venus, Neptune, Jupiter each with their own look and feel.

All the Planet Glass Dildos are approximately 180mm (7 inches) long. With the Jupiter, the smallest builb has a circumference of 100mm (4 inches) and the largest bulb at the other end has a circumference of 130mm (5 inches). The Neptune has six bulbs, the largest has a circumference of 135mm (5 1/4 inches) whilst at the tip the circumference is 90mm (3 1/2 inches).

As with all glass dildos, they can be used warmed or cooled for new sensations and they have a very smooth sensuous feel.

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