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XtraVibe Rotating Strap-on

XtraVibe Rotating Strap-on

Strap-on, soft-jelly penis with jostling pearl centre rotating head and vibrating clitoral stim.

This unique strap-on also has a fully adjustable, soft leather like harness. It is ideal for girl-on-girl/lesbian play as it has two vibrating eggs. One located in the crotch area to stimulate the 'giver' and a second one positioned to stimulate the clit of the 'receiver'. This second egg also vibrates the shaft of the dildo.

The controller is better quality than usual and the leads connect using good quality connectors. There are two slider controls - one operates the vibrating egg and the other the jostling pearls and rotating head of the penis. The sliders enable very fine adjustments. The shaft can be operated without the egg and the egg can be vibrating with the shaft still, or both can be operated together for maximum stimulation.

The harness is very comfortable to wear so full concentration can be given to pleasuring your partner with the shaft by varying the speed of the jostling pearls and rotating head. There are also bobbles on the underside of the shaft to increase stimulation and a clitoris stimulator at the base of the shaft.

The Facts:

Colour:Pink tip and pink egg
Batteries: 3 x C
Battery compartment:separate connected with two wires one to shaft and one to egg
Control: two slide controls for shaft and egg
Noise: medium
Overall length:shaft 170mm
Shaft length:125mm and egg 70mm
Circumference:shaft 130mm and egg 65mm

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