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Pussy Aggressor

Pussy Aggressor

The Pussy Aggressor is a stretchy silicone cock ring with soft nodules and a multispeed vibrating bullet that fits inside a special pouch. Designed to please you both. The stretchy silicone ring assists the man to maintain his erection and the woman receives more stimulation from the vibrations of the bullet. Who'll be in charge of the strength of the vibrations with the multispeed controller?

The jelly ring has a diameter of 65mm (2 1/2 inches) and, including the pocket for the bullet, is 115mm (4 1/2 inches) long. The vibrating bullet that fits into the soft jelly sleeve is 50mm (2 inches) long. The vibrating bullet has a jack plug that connects to the hi-tech controller. The easy to use push button controller adjusts the different vibrations. There are three vibration speeds, then a pulsating function, it then surges and finally there is an escalating mode. Choose the one to suit your mood!

The Pussy Aggressor requires three AA batteries and we include quality alkaline batteries free with your order.

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