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SexTingles Privacy and Security

This page describes the privacy and security policy and features of SexTingles. Since the SexTingles shop is now closed we have removed the sections on purchasing. We hope will be able to find someone to re-open the shop and so we are currently retaining our customer details.

Data Security

We undertake to keep customer data securely and maintain its accuracy. To enable us to do this we ask our customers to keep their account details up to date using the SexTingles account details editing facilities. We do not hold any personal data about customers who have accounts apart from that which is visible to each customer through their own password protected online account access.

While you access your account or make purchases, communications with our servers are encrypted.

To maintain security of your data it is vital that you do not allow anyone else to see or use your password and to log out when you have finished accessing the website. If you do not log out, but only move to another website, you will remain logged in to SexTingles. However you will be automatically logged out when you close your internet browser completely.

We will not pass on any of your details to any third party without your express permission except if we are required to do so by law.

Credit and Debit Cards

While the shop was open, all credit or debit card transactions were handled by WorldPay and their own online systems - we do not handle credit or debit card information at all and therefore such information is not and cannot be seen or kept by ourselves; neither on paper nor on our computer systems.

Newsletters and Other Emails

We will send a newsletter and other information by email to account holders. We will send just the newsletter to anyone who has requested it but does not have an account. We may offer to send a newsletter or other information by email to interested persons other than account holders. In order to set up a subscription we will ask for and retain the email address to be used.

No email addresses will be passed to any third party for whatever reason except if we are required to do so by law.

We will use this email address to send the requested information and occasional messages informing about changes to the site, availability of special offers etc. Recipients will always be able to request for these emailings to be cancelled. Recipients may also change their email address online (account holders only) or ask for their email address to be changed by sending a request by email.

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