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List of SexTingles Products In Code Order
B0262 39.95Wrist To Thigh Cuffs
B0263  Cassie Wrist Cuffs
B0264 9.50Leather Blindfold
B0265 19.80Masquerade Leather Mask
B0266 9.50Leather Mask
B0267 15.20Fur Lined Blindfold
B0268 29.50Leather Tawse
B0269 32.50Devil Tail Tawse
B0270 32.50Black Fur Lined Paddle
B0271 32.50Silver Handled Flogger
B0272 28.60Shana Belt
M0273 49.50Kegelmaster Sexerciser
M0274 39.95Vibrating Periscope
B0275  Heavy Duty Chain With Rings
B0276 14.95Door Hanger
B0277 19.50Lead And Wrist Strap
B0278 13.95Double Ended Tether
B0279 7.95Pair Of Trigger Clips
B0280 15.50Lead And Chain with trigger clip
M0281 6.50Speculum
S0282  Fantasy Pal Oral Ecstasy
 g25.00Glow in the Dark
C0283  Long Latex Gloves
C0284 19.95Latex Ecstasy Briefs
V0286 24.95Suzy's Saddle Socket
C0289  Black Latex Briefs
M0290 14.50Black Intruder
M0292 10.90The Black Twister
C0293  Blue Latex Briefs
C0294 15.75Black Latex Thong
M0295 12.50Passion Butt Plug
M0296 25.20The Hand
M0297 29.95The Giant Stalk
C0298  Translucent Latex Briefs
B0299 49.95Leather Neck Ankle And Wrist Cuffs With Two Chains
B0300 49.95Restraint Straps With Hand Pouch
B0301 19.95Chain Linked Wrist Cuffs
B0302 35.50Chain Linked Leather Ankle Cuffs
B0303 21.75Wrist To Bed Restraint
B0304 17.80Wrist To Ankle Cuffs
B0305 21.75Soft Bondage Kit
B0306 17.80Neck To Wrist Restraint
B0307 11.55Wrist Cuffs
B0308 8.50Metal Handcuffs
B0309 17.80Ankle To neck Cuffs
B0310 15.00Wrist To Waist Cuffs
B0311 59.00nine Piece Bed Bondage Set
B0312 15.00Wrist To Thigh Restraint
B0313 14.00Small Whip
V0314  Abigail Waterproof Vibe
B0315 19.50Leather Paddle Whip
B0316 29.80Bull Whip
B0317 15.50Latex Penis Whip
P0318 17.20The Grenade
B0320 7.50Pleasure Mask
B0321 17.80Leather Studded Collar
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