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Clit Massager Review

Clit Massager

The Clit Massager is an excellent masturbator.

J says "I had never used a clitoris pump before but I can thoroughly recommend the Clit Massager now.

The clitoris and surrounding area is covered by a jelly cup. Once you have made a seal, you use the rubber bulb pump to create a vacuum inside the cup, sucking your 'lips' into the cup and creating wonderful sensations all around the clitoris area.

To add more stimulation switch on the vibrator. A vibrating egg is sealed inside the cup. This gave me more wonderful sensations and drove me wild! You can continue to use the pump while the cup is vibrating to increase the suction feeling.

If you are looking for something different I would definitely recommend a vibrating clitoris massager. The Clit Massager is a reasonably priced sex toy and is worth every penny!"

One of our customers (RW) agrees:

I have the clit massager. Once I got the hang of it I could not stop using it, very powerful and not loud. A clean area with no hair will make it work the best. I really have used it the most, in fact it is almost time to get a spare, just in case. Great gaget! 5 stars

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