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Fukuoku Vibrating Waterproof Glove Review

Fukuoku Vibrating Waterproof Glove

Fukuoku Vibrating Waterproof Glove provides a whole new massage experience.

L says: "I found the Fukuoku Glove to be a whole new tingling experience! D started by gently using the glove to caress all over me. I found this relaxing and it vibrations made my skin very sensitive. It was very effective when used on my erogenous zones.

Because each finger has a vibrating pad, it is easy to slip this into your most sensitive areas and this drove me wild with pleasure! When it was my turn to provide the tingling, I found the glove fitted well, was comfortable and easy to use. It certainly provides a different tingling experience."

To clean the Fukuoku Vibrating Waterproof Glove hand wash in warm soapy water and air-dry. The battery compartment can be removed but it is not necessary. Note that we found a cardboard stiffener inside the end of the glove that should, of course, be removed before use!

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