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Man Size Cock Flesh Dildo Review

Man Size Cock Flesh Dildo

These realistic Man Size Cock dildos are harness compatible and have a suction base.

M says:
"The Man Size Cock dildos are the most realistic cock and balls sex toys I have ever seen!

The penis shaft and head are well modelled with realistically shaped and coloured veins. Even the scrotum is life like - often the part that is badly made in other similar realistic dildos.

The feel is also very good, being firm as a penis with an erection but not to hard.

A real man's penis would always be better for me - but in the absence of an available man these Man Size Cock dildos are very good.

If you would like vibrating versions check the SexTingles web site as they are available as as the Jack Vibrating Cocks."

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