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Tantus Harness Kit - Bob Review

Tantus Harness Kit - Bob

The Tantus Harness Kit with two silicone dildos.

M says:

"The Tantus Strap On Harness is well made and I found it comfortable to wear.

The Bend over Beginner version of the kit comes with two dildos which, being smaller that average, are a good choice for people using such a sex toy for the first time. However if you want other sizes or shapes of dildo, you can use any of the Tantus harness compatible dildos with the harness or even other makes.

The harness will take any strap on dildos that have a round flange so long as you can get the rubber retainng ring over the flange or shaft of the dildo - for large dildos you may have to by a larger ring."

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Tantus Harness Kit - Bob

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