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Venus Penis Butterfly Vibrator Review

Venus Penis Butterfly Vibrator

The Venus Penis is the sex toy that can give unbelievable vaginal orgasmic sensations.

M says: "I found the adjustable, elastic thigh and waist straps easy to put on and enabled me to position the butterfly where I wanted it, though with my anatomy the rear protrusion didn't quite reach my anus without manually pushing it firmly into place. I found this vibrator very arousing and really enjoyed playing with it.

Because the Venus Penis fits so well it could be worn under clothing whilst going about your daily chores inside or outside the home! The adjuster can be kept, for example, under a waistband for easy operation. Or, just lie back, relax and enjoy the various sensations produced by this exciting new toy."

One of our customers (RW) was 'blown off her feet!':

Hmmmmm lots of straps; the butterfly itself is great; powerful; cute little penis; but I think a pair of panties over the top would hold it in place better. Butterfly great, straps not to sure if I got that part right.

(a short while later another email arrives ...)

Have just changed my mind about that butterfly, once you do get those little straps right, WOW, I stood up and boom! Ogasam and then almost fell over. It does take a while to figure these things out. Also new batteries are a good thing!!! So Butterflies rule!

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