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Erotic Hints and Tips

1: Reinvigorating Your Sex Life

Is your sex life going downhill? Are you stuck in a rut? Do your children take up all your time? By the time you get into bed from yet another exhausting day, your head hits the pillow and all you want is sleep. Well, all is not lost!

This so often happens to couples who, before they had children, had an erotic and varied sex life. To awaken your sexual desires explore new ways to excite and enjoy each other's bodies.

Arrange for your children to be looked after for half a day to start with. If this goes well suggest a long weekend. The reciprocal parents can look forward to their time off when it is their turn.

Surprise your partner - arrange for your children to be looked after by your children's friends' parents or your relatives and spring the surprise at the last minute. Or plan the weekend away together and fantasise about what you would like to do together.

If you only have half a day to yourselves, put the answer machine on, lock the front door, close the curtains, light the candles and incense; create a soft, warm, relaxed atmosphere and give your partner a massage.

Even if you have never had a massage or given one, it is easy to give your partner oily pleasures. Keep your hands oily so they slide easily and over your partner's body.

Sensually start massaging the feet and slowly move up to every part of the body. Do not touch the sexual parts and by the time you have finished your partner will be desperate for you.

If you are lucky enough to manage a weekend away, treat yourselves to a break in a romantic hotel. Spend the day relaxing and enjoying each other's company. Forget about the day to day problems at home and put all your attention to each other. In the evening relax with a meal and a bottle of wine and fantasise about things to come later in the evening.

Make your half day or weekend breaks away a regular treat for you both to look forward to. This will help keep your sex life together active and enjoyable.

Why not surprise your partner with a new sex toy to experiment with and enhancement the excitement. We can thoroughly recommend the Fukuoku Five Finger Massage Glove for a whole new experience. Your partner will be tingling all over after being massaged with this!

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