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Erotic Hints and Tips

2: Be Gentle

Sometimes for (almost) everyone rough sex is exciting; some people always need the play to be rough to get excited. However, many people, particularly women, find sensitive and gentle sex to be the most satisfying.

Start by expressing your love and touching hands, arms, waist and, if liked, your partner's head. Add gentle kisses on the lips. Look into each other's eyes and give compliments to each other about both their personality and body. Aim to make your partner feel wanted and desired. Depending on your personalities try adding a little humour.

Then find somewhere suitable, whether the bedroom or elsewhere and start touching other parts of your partner's body through their clothes: breasts, nipples, inner thighs, genitals. As passion increases remember to keep the touching gentle and slow.

Eventually start to remove each other's clothes, again slowly and seductively. Continue to compliment each other and talk about your desire as you touch and stimulate.

Finally make love using whatever positions or methods you like so long as you keep to the spirit of being gentle and sensitive. Notice how your partner is responding.

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