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Erotic Hints and Tips

3: Communicate

Communicating our desires is something most of us are not good at - but using various methods of communicating can add a whole new dimension to our sex lives.

There are many ways to communicate such as:

  • talking face to face
  • singing - if you can!
  • writing - notes, cards, letters
  • using the telephone or mobile phone
  • text messaging
  • emailing
  • online (internet) chatting
  • online (internet) video phone/web cam
  • using a messenger (friend/strippergram)
  • sending/giving a present or flowers.
This list emphasises the 'giving' side but it is equally important to pay attention to listening.
There is a serious long term benefit from better communication. If you live with your partner then it might seem obvious that you already talk to each other - but think again. Many people spend their lives together without discussing their real desires.

To reveal your innermost thoughts and desires you need first to have a great deal of trust in each other. You must agree not to be offended or put off by your partner revealing something unexpected and perhaps, in your eyes, extreme. Be preparted to find it more difficult than you expect to accept some of the things you are told. Knowing more about your partner's needs and revealing more of yourself is likely to bring you closer together and make you more able to satisfy each other.

On the fun side great sex can be had by building up over a period from as little as an hour or two up to a day or even more. Use little messages to hint at some sexual adventure or treat awaiting your partner. Messages that convey your desire and readiness for sex are a great turn on. Look for at specific tips to get more ideas.

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