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Erotic Hints and Tips

4: Anal Sex

Looking for something a little different?

As people become more broadminded about sex, they are exploring different ways of finding pleasure. Couples are finding it easier to discuss sexual desires and ways of pleasuring each other. As these things are talked about they become more of a reality. The pleasures of anal sex are becoming more acceptable and are now widely used by heterosexual couples as well as gays.

Couples new to anal sex need to begin by being completely relaxed.

Start by getting turned on by stimulating areas you are comfortable with; the clitoris or the penis. Use plenty of lubrication and continue by massaging round the anal area.

Once you are comfortable with this, gently insert just the tip of the finger into the anus. Ensure that you are both happy and enjoying this new experience before taking it further with perhaps two fingers.

Only after this when and if the receiving person is comfortable and relaxed and wishes to go yet further, try penetration using the penis, dildo, butt plug or vibrating egg etc.

Anal sex is not everyone's 'cup of tea'! You should not feel under any pressure to do things you do not like. By all means try new ideas out. You may find you prefer to stay away from any form of anal sex or maybe go no 'further' than touching the outside of the anus or having one finger inserted a little into the entrance rather than full anal penetration. As always whatever you like and enjoy is what is right for you.

If you find you like anal penetration SexTingles offers a variety of suitable toys: vibrating and non vibrating dildos, strap ons and butt plugs in a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials including glass.

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