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6: The Love Muscle

Some of the muscles in the pelvic floor assist during sexual activity. Men can use them to improve erections; women can gain greater control and improved response.

Pelvic floor muscle tone and control can be increased by exercise both by ladies and men.

Exercises For Men

Guys, don't feel complacent. Exercising your pelvic floor will give you improved sexual sensation, stronger erections and better control enabling you to delay ejaculation and enjoy better orgasms. If your partner regularly exercises her love muscle, as her vagina becomes fitter and tighter, you're going to have to keep up! It will also help prevent two common problems of old age - inability to get or maintain an erection and urinary incontinence.

You can locate the PC muscle (pubococcygeus) by stopping and starting your urine flow mid stream. (Don't do this regularly as it may interfere with normal bladder emptying). Empty your bladder before you begin. Sit or lie comfortably and relax your stomach, buttock and thigh muscles. Tighten just the ring of muscle around the back passage as if you were trying to suppress wind. You should feel a squeeze and lift action.

Tighten and draw up strongly the muscles around the anus and urethra all at once, for a count of five then release. Rest for ten seconds then repeat the 'squeeze and lift'. Breathe in on the squeeze and out on the release. Alternate with five to ten short, fast, strong contractions. Repeat these exercises several times a day until you can do these exercises with ease. Continue to work out daily to maintain your strength.

To add resistance, sit on the edge of the bath with legs apart. Encourage your penis erect. Drape a small towel over your penis and contract against its weight for five seconds. Then relax. Repeat five to ten times. Practise until you can comfortably do several sets at a time.

Kegelmaster Sexerciser

Exercises For Ladies

A toned love muscle improves blood flow to the genital area - and lubrication. Improves your sexual sensation and intensity of orgasm. Strengthens and tightens your vagina so improving your partner's experience. Increases your sexual confidence and ability. Can enable pre-orgasmic women to experience orgasm. Facilitates childbirth and speeds recovery afterwards. Prevents incontinence and prolapse.

Always empty your bladder before doing PC exercises. It is often suggested that you try to stop the flow of urine mid stream to find the correct muscle, but PC exercises should not be done while urinating. You can also locate the PC muscle by putting two fingers or a dildo into the vagina and squeezing. Try to isolate the PC muscles - all other muscles should be relaxed especially the buttock and stomach muscles. Vary your position to find what suits you; lying on your side, on your back with knees raised, on all fours, while sitting, standing - and making love! It doesn't matter if you can only do two or three at first. Practise little and often to achieve noticeable results in just a few weeks.

Imagine your pelvis is a lift shaft and your contracting muscles are the lift travelling up and down slowly stopping at each floor. Pull up a little way while breathing in, and hold at the first floor as you breathe out. Pull up a little more to the second floor (breathe in) and hold as you breathe out. Continue until you have reached your top floor, take an extra breath, and slowly descend to the ground floor, stopping at each floor on the way if you can. Do as many as you can without straining. If you can't feel the different 'floors', build your strength gradually with slow deep contractions that you hold for a count of three before you release. Alternate these long slow PC exercises with several simple contractions; contract and relax in less than a second. When you can do these rapidly in a pulsing motion this is called 'the flutter'. As you gain strength you can increase your repetitions and work out a daily programme to suit yourself.

Now try the exercises using an insertible (such as the Kegelmaster Exerciser - see left) to offer your muscles some resistance. Practise also on your partner's penis. He's sure to offer resistance of the desired kind! Try masturbating while doing your exercises. Bringing yourself to orgasm will exercise your PC muscle but don't be lazy - regular orgasms keep the whole area healthy but are not a substitute for regular PC exercises.

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