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8: 50 Ways to Please Your Woman

Run out of ideas to please your woman? Channel 5 showed a programme "Cosmopollitan's 50 Ways To Please Your Women". The programme hurtled through a wide range of ideas; many obvious but all worth thinking about.

Here is our interpretation of their ideas in reverse order of popularity:

50 Uniforms - why not hire a uniform and be a fireman/policeman for a day. Uniforms signify power and strength and make a woman feel looked after and cared for.

49 Share a shower - cover each other in slippery soap, enter her from behind and use the shower head on her clitoris. This is sure to drive her wild.

48 Buy her a vibrator and use it on her clitoris during sex. The rabbit vibrator is always very popular with women but also the lipstick vibrator. She'll never guess what this is until you turn it on and use it on her clitoris.

47 Flowers - not just any flowers, red roses symbolise passion and romance. Fill the bath with flower heads for a romantic bath time.

46 Weekend break - visit the romantic cities of Amsterdam, New York or Paris. If the budget is tight, Brighton or other seaside resorts can be just as much fun. Get away from the usual routine and stay in an hotel overlooking the sea.

45 Be good at listening - women love to talk and if you can prove to be a good listener she will find you understanding and sympathetic.

44 Spontaneity - be fun, start singing - this may not be your 'thing'. Just suddenly grab her hand and start skipping or running. Prove that being in her company makes you happy.

43 Eye contact - be sure to make good eye contact but remember to then look away. Do not maintain it for too long as it can be disconcerting. Eye contact shows you are interested. A lingering look can speak many unspoken words.

42 Blindfold - heighten her sense of touch and smell by using a blindfold. She can also let her imagination run wild. Suddenly you have become Brad Pitt!

41 Don't rush - when you are about to reach orgasm try to think about something else so you keep your woman happy for longer. Don't make it too obvious, if you start talking about the weather or shopping you will ruin the atmosphere - keep your thoughts to yourself.

40 Perfume - aftershave can be a big turn on. Choose a subtle perfume and your woman will begin to associate a certain perfume with you and (hopefully) seduction, excitement and pleasure.

39 Cuddle up after sex - a woman likes to feel loved and having a cuddle after sex makes her feel appreciated and wanted even after a man is fulfilled.

38 Erotic stories - reading a story to your woman about fantasies can lead to erotic discussions about bondage, spanking and other fantasies that might otherwise be difficult to bring up. This can be a real turn on.

37 Chocolate - top quality chocolate is a proven aphrodisiac. Chocolate melts on the tongue, is a sensuous experience and a good way to relax and get in the right mood.

36 Create the right atmosphere - subdued lighting, dimmer switches and the use of candles, red roses, mellow music, a clean and tidy room all create the right relaxed atmosphere for your attention to focus on your woman and giving her pleasure.

35 Masturbation in front of each other - what better way of learning how to pleasure your woman than by watching her masturbate in front of you in the way she likes it done.... and now it's your turn, do the same for her. It is also a big turn on for the voyeur. Everyone is different - just because one woman likes it a certain way, another woman might like it done completely differently.

34 Diamonds - they never go out of fashion, do not wear out and are the ultimate romantic, sincere present - they really are a girl's best friend!

33 Domination - let your woman take charge. Let her take responsibility for whatever is about to happen. You need to have a good understanding between you but let her tie you up, both wrists and ankles, blindfold you and start with gentle whipping. Try it the other way round but whatever happens you need to be able to agree rules before you start.

32 Quality and not quantity is more important to a woman. Whispering words of love in a loving way will certainly create a caring atmosphere and get her in the right mood.

31 Kiss her body all over. Don't forget the whipped cream and chocolate.

30 Make her laugh. Create a relaxed feeling by not being too serious but don't spoil the atmosphere by being too silly.

29 Kiss with confidence. Practise kissing the back of your hand to perfect your technique. Start kissing her on the lips slowly and gently and gradually become more passionate.

28 Dress to impress. First impressions, a smart appearance, clean, well fitting clothes are very important to a woman. It shows you care and have made an effort to impress.

27 Porn films. Watching films together adds an extra turn on when you want something a bit different. Start with a mild porn film with a story. Don't try this on your first date.

26 Washing your woman's hair can be very sexy. Slowly give her a head massage. This is foreplay you have not thought of before!

25 Restraints. Tie up your woman. This can be done in a relaxed way with furry cuffs to start with and if this is enjoyed you can move on to move serious leather cuffs and ankle restraints. Take away all responsibility from your woman and she will surrender to you.

24 Caress her body but put more emphasis on her erogenous zones. Her neck, back, behind her knees and elbows. Explore her body and find her most exciting, sensitive spots.

23 Treat your woman to a special meal. The way to a man's heart can be through his stomach but this can also be true of a woman. She will certainly be grateful for all the time and effort you put into creating a special meal for her.

22 Role play. Act out your wildest fantasies. Meet in a bar. Pretend to be strangers and leave together. Play nurse and patient. Pretend to be an escort in an hotel and book a room together.

21 CAT. Coital Alignment Technique. Experiment with this missionary position technique designed to help you have an orgasm together. The man on top moves slightly more towards the woman's head than usual and initiates a rocking movement. The idea is that he stimulates the woman's clitoris as well as penetrating her. Try it - even if it doesn't work it's fun trying.

20 Well groomed man. A woman always appreciates a man with clean nails, hair and who is freshly showered.

19 Remove the woman's clothing with style. Practice makes perfect. Be seductive and slowly, sensually remove each item one at a time enjoying the moment.

18 Ribbed Condoms. When using condoms try the ribbed variety. These give added stimulation to the woman's vagina. (Turn it inside out to make it more fun for the man!)

17 Try sucking and then blowing on the clitoris. Watch out for your woman's reaction to gauge whether she likes this and would like it stronger or more gentle.

16 Spooning. After sex this is a very sensual and comforting way to relax. You fit well together with both of you facing the same way and cuddling with the man beind or the woman.

15 Dexterity with your fingers. Be sure to be very gentle with the clitoris to start with and watch for your woman's reactions to see what she likes. Use plenty of lubrication. It is important for a man to get to know where the clitoris is, what it looks like and be aware that all women are different and like it stimulated in different ways.

14 A bit of 'rough'. Sometimes women like a bit of 'rough'. They don't always want a man to smell very strongly of aftershave. Sometimes it is good to smell a bit of basic sweat - not days old.

13 Romance is not dead. A man can sometimes be strong, powerful and in charge and other times he can be gentle and caring, showing his romantic side with giving small thoughtful gifts. Risk and safety are two opposites that keep your woman interested and excited not knowing what side is going to be stronger each day.

12 Slow hand - easy touch. Women don't like to be hurried. Foreplay is very important to them and needs to be done at their pace which is slowly and sensually.

11 Fantasies. Acting out your fantasies helps keep the excitement in a relationship. Remember to have two safe words, one meaning I don't like what you are doing so move onto something else and another meaning that you would like a break from the game. 'No' cannot be used as this word is often part of the fantasy.

10 Anal sex. More and more women are experimenting with anal sex and it is becoming more accepted as a different type of sex. Start off gently stroking around the anal area and as the woman becomes more aroused, introduce the tip of your finger. Plenty of lubrication should be used and the woman must be completely relaxed before trying anything larger.

9 Text messages. Mobile phones are so much part of our lives these days that texting an erotic message can be a real turn on. Start off with just an interesting suggestion and before you know it very erotic messages will be flying around - just make sure you get the number right!

8 The g spot. Have fun trying to find this sexy spot. Roughly two inches inside the front wall of the vagina. Again use plenty of lubrication to explore this area. If you are good at finding it you will not need anymore lubrication! Not every woman finds it a turn on so don't be concerned if this does not work for you.

7 The a spot. Even more elusive than the g spot and supposed to be again inside the front wall of the vagina but just above the g spot. Encourage your woman to help you find it - or you will need a map.

6 Flattery - every woman likes to be complemented on everything, not only her appearance but also her manner, a particularly good meal she has made an effort to cook for you anything you can think of will boost her ego and give her confidence.

5 Girls on top. Girls sometimes like to take charge. For a change let her do the work whilst you lie back (don't forget to make encouraging noises - then she'll know she's doing it right). She can be in charge of the speed things happen and can please herself with what she does.

4 Toys - buy her a rabbit vibrator and she will forever be in your debt. She will enjoy using it and know that you approve as you have bought it for her. I'm sure you will be very turned on whilst you watch her pleasuring herself. Experiment with other toys too. Toys you can both enjoy together are the Jelly Vibrating Cock Ring and the Sensations Ring.

3 Play with her breasts. Be gentle especially with the nipple area. Some girls like it rougher but ask her if you are doing it right you don't want to hurt such a sensitive area.

2 Oral sex. Get your man to eat his yogurt from a pot without a spoon. If he is good at this his tongue should be strong enough to give good oral sex. Teach him how to pleasure you in the way you like. All girls are different and it is no good being cross if he doesn't do it right but you haven't shown him how.

1 Two zones at once. The ultimate way to pleasure your woman is to find two erogenous zones at once. Play with her clitoris whilst you enter her vagina. This will drive her wild. Play with her g spot and her clitoris. Again all women are different, maybe yours likes her nipples played with whilst you enter her. Communication is the key. You are not a mind reader - ask her what she likes and she will love you forever.

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